Iloilo airport holds emergency readiness exercise

The Iloilo International Airport will test its readiness to respond in times of emergency by conducting a full-scale simulation exercise (SIMEX) focusing on a crash outside of the airport scenario on Friday afternoon. Airport terminal supervisor Art Parreño said the international airport is a certified aerodrome that carries a lot of responsibilities, including one full-scale and one medium-scale simulation exercise every two years to test readiness during emergencies. The medium-scale exercise is conducted within the airport only, while the full-scale will involve various stakeholders. 'We will simulate the crash outside of the airport,' he said in an interview Friday. The high-impact site would be in Barangay Cabugao Sur in Sta. Barbara where the scenario is that a plane falls after experiencing trouble minutes after the takeoff. He said Sta. Barbara is the host local government, but peripheral towns like San Miguel, Cabatuan, and Pavia will also help. Joining the exercise are responders, firefighters, employees of concerned government offices, local government units, hospitals, and others. Among those that will be tested are their fire suppression, law enforcement, and medical response capabilities. Parreño said the airport sent notices to airmen, so concerned airline companies are aware of the exercise. Those checking in for departure flights will have to wait for the conclusion of the SIMEX, which will start at 2 p.m. 'As much as possible this aerodrome exercise will not interrupt flight schedules because it is not allowed,' he added.

Source: Philippines News Agency