Immigration police hunting Japanese suspects steal a police car to escape

Immigration police are rushing to hunt for a Japanese suspect who faked a leg injury and stole a police car and drove away. While being taken to be detained at Suan Phlu Immigration Office, the car was then parked and abandoned. And then the taxi disappeared.

It was reported that yesterday, September 9, 2023, around 12:00 noon, an incident occurred involving a Japanese suspect. He drove away in an immigration police car. while the officers tried to take him into detention at Suan Phlu Immigration Police Office

Nam is following Mr. Yuki Yanagi, a Japanese accused who escaped detention. After this accused was brought to prosecute at the Ratchada Criminal Court When the court process is complete And when it was time to take the accused back to detention at the detention room inside the Suan Phlu Immigration Office, Mr. Yuki Yanagi fell down, so the officers supported him to bring him into the car. And when the car escorting the accused arrives in front of the detention room at Suan Phlu Immigration Office Officers went down to pick up a Bihar wheelchair in order to bring the accused into the detention room. But the accused took advantage of that moment and ran out of the accused's control car. before opening the driver's side door Drive a car to control the accused and crash into the door that made the escape. It is believed that this accused had circumvented, pretended to be injured by falling at court and escaped. until it was found that the accused had parked the car at the roadside near Charoen Krung Pracharak Hos pital. call a taxi service Heading towards Phatthanakan Road Currently unable to trace him.

For Mr. Yuki Yanagi, he is considered an important suspect wanted by the Japanese authorities. Previously, the Embassy of Japan in Thailand Has coordinated with the Immigration Office to help track him down after committing fraud The Japanese lost more than 20 million yen, which, according to the Japanese official investigation method, found that this accused had fled to Thailand. and overstaying until the immigration police have integrated tracking forces Until being able to arrest on September 7, the past

Source: Thai News Agency