Interior does not divide labor. Live like siblings

"Anutin" does not divide the work, ensuring that all sub-ministers can work under the minister's order. Confirming the transparency of the interior There must be no selling of positions. Prepare information to support government policy statements to Parliament.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Giving an interview after paying homage to the sacred things of the Ministry of the Interior This is considered the first day working at the ministry that all ministers will prepare information to support government policy statements. and answering questions in case members of the House of Representatives have questions Working at the ministry will take 3-4 days to familiarize yourself with the work and information. It will officially begin after the government's policy has been announced. Today we come to get to know government agencies in the Ministry.

“I consider myself lucky to have a deputy minister who is familiar with the people. Because everyone is an MP, the Ministry of the Interior will understand the way of life and quality of life of the people. Is determined to improve the quality of life of the people. The Ministry of the Interior is a ministry whose ministers come from the people who have access to it. Must go down to the job site. will work in most areas with support from Mr. Suthipong Julcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior which has been familiar for a long time Since my father's generation, Mr. Chawarat Charnvirakul, the Minister of Interior, during 2009-2011 was the same team. which after entering the ministry I will pay my respects to my father at home today. There will be no word for you. There is no word Mr. There are only brothers and sisters among the ministry officials. work with the same goal,” said the Interior Minister.

Regarding the division of labor to Deputy Minister, Mr. Anutin said that he would like to wait for a briefing from the department in charge first. We will work together without dividing the work into any line which must wait for a policy statement first But their working style In the past, in the book with the division of labor, Article 9, the Minister You can order everything. Therefore, I want to create an atmosphere like that. We work as brothers and sisters. Trust there is no problem. Everything is a challenge. Their work has no limits in curing suffering, nourishing happiness, must make it abundant. Everything is urgent which is the result from the Ministry of Public Health Because it is continuous work Must take care of quality of life Will continue to coordinate with the Ministry of Public Health, for example, transferring to sub-district health promotion hospitals or public health hospitals, making people satisfied with seamless medical treatment

“Economic work There is a provincial governor as a tourism operator. Make the most money circulate After this, the digital wallet policy of Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, was used, so he had to ask for cooperation from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior and the governors of all provinces. Prepare products Use the said money Do not use money abroad, that is, Thai made, Thai used, used Thai money, bought by Thai people, produced by Thai people, whose money will circulate in the country, ”said the Minister of Interior.

As for the policy for the governor to be the CEO, Mr. Anutin said that it was already like that. because all work must be supervised by the provincial governor which we are ready to work with officials of the Ministry of Interior

“As for the transfer of civil servants After the Prime Minister had the idea to be transparent. There is no trading of that position. must not happen The prime minister reiterated this for the first time in a special cabinet meeting. which is in line with the intentions of every minister. In this era, there must be no bullying. Be it citizens or juristic persons, they must be treated fairly. If there is unfair treatment See you soon," the Interior Minister said.

As for the incident of the village chief firing the police because of the inability to deposit his position, Mr. Anutin said that he had to believe in government agencies. The Permanent Secretary must implement the Minister's policies. He is not intrusive. If there is a problem, he is confident that when he calls the Permanent Secretary Or deputy ministers will receive a quick response. Don't worry, order today. It must have been finished yesterday.

Mr. Anutin spoke about the Green Line electric train policy that he asked to calm down. He had not yet met with Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok. But don't worry. If any matter is urgent must be fixed As for the continuation of the liberal medical marijuana policy Confirm that it complies with the law Must see in the statement of government policy to the parliament.

Source: Thai News Agency