IRPC drives up the market with innovative “White Bear Fertilizer”

IRPC joins hands with Sing Mangkorn Generation Carpet sales of fertilizers and plant supplements in the country.

Mr. Krit Imsang, Chief Executive Officer and President of IRPC Public Company Limited, revealed that the company has cooperated with partners in the distribution of "White Bear Fertilizer" produced from zinc oxide at the nanometer level. It is agricultural innovation and technology. to increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption into various parts of plants better Help farmers increase productivity Responding to the promotion of Thai farmers to have a good quality of life Have a stable career and income This is an important step in IRPC's entry into a new business that strives to operate its business according to its vision. “Creating innovation in the use of materials and energy for a perfect life”

Most recently, IRPC signed an agreement with Rak Pa Sak Co., Ltd. and Singha Mungkorn Generation Co., Ltd. to collaborate on the market development of fertilizer products and plant supplements "White Bear Fertilizer" under the trademark "REINFOXX" for farmers. Thailand has access to quality products. It is safe for users. To productivity and the environment Including expanding the domestic market. Increase competitive ability and developing product innovations together in the future To enable Thai farmers to grow sustainably. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency