Israel Extends Lifetime Aid to Families of Four Filipino Victims in Hamas Attack

Taguig City – In a recent development following the tragic events of Oct. 7, the Israeli government has announced its commitment to provide lifetime financial support to the families of the four Filipino victims who lost their lives in a Hamas attack.

According to Philippines News Agency, speaking at a press conference in Taguig City, the Israeli government has pledged a base monthly aid of PHP100,000 to the immediate families of the victims. Fluss elaborated that the final amount might vary based on the family's status, including whether the recipient is a parent or spouse and the number of children involved.

Ambassador Fluss emphasized the Israeli law's recognition of the need to support the families' survival and well-being. The commitment extends to a recently released caregiver, Jimmy Pacheco, who endured 49 days of captivity and is now also eligible for monthly aid.

The Israeli Embassy in the Philippines held a Mass to honor the memories of Angelyn Aguirre, Loreta Alacre, Grace Cabrera, and Paul Castelvi, the victims of the Hamas-initiated cross-border attack. The ceremony was attended by Philippine government officials, including Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Eduardo Jose De Vega, Migrant Workers Undersecretary Patricia Yvonna Caunan, and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Administrator Arnell Ignacio.

Families of the victims shared their grief and memories during the event. Erlinda Aguirre, mother of Angelyn, expressed her profound sorrow and disbelief over the loss of her daughter. Angenica, Aguirre's sister and a survivor of the attack, recalled their last conversation, marked by fear and hope for safety.

Angelyn Aguirre, a newlywed nurse, was noted for her exceptional bravery and loyalty. Despite having the opportunity to escape, she chose to stay with her elderly ward, Nira, ultimately leading to their tragic deaths. Jerusalem's Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum lauded Aguirre's humanity and loyalty.

Nicolas, Aguirre's husband, shared his ongoing grief and disbelief, hoping for an end to the conflict that led to his wife's untimely death.

In an effort to alleviate ongoing tensions, a humanitarian pause commenced last Friday. This pause aims to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid in Gaza and enable the exchange of Hamas hostage victims and Palestinian prisoners.