Israel: We will remain in Gaza until we win

Israel will continue its operations in Gaza until it achieves victory, even if that takes a full year, the nation's defense minister said Saturday. 'We will remain in Gaza until we win, even if it takes a year,' Yoav Galant said in a public address broadcast by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority. He added, "After this war, no threat will remain in Gaza that will be able to terrorize Israel from the southern border. We'll have full operational freedom to act within the strip," according to Israeli media sources. He added: "The army has besieged Gaza City, and after the war there will be no Hamas." Galant said that 12 military commanders from the Palestinian group Hamas have so far been eliminated, adding that "the fighting is going well for the Israeli forces." "We will eliminate (Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya) Sinwar," he vowed. He also said Israel has no intention of entering a war on the northern front with Lebanese Hezbollah, but warned: 'If Hezbollah's (Secretary-General Hassan) Nasrallah makes Sinwar's mistake, the consequences will be dire for Lebanon." Earlier Saturday, Galant said during a trip to the northern border that 'Tel Aviv is not interested in waging a war with Hezbollah,' but added: 'Israel is ready nonetheless.' This week the Israeli army expanded its air and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip, which has been under relentless airstrikes since a surprise offensive by Hamas on Oct. 7. Nearly 11,000 people have been killed in the conflict, including 9,488 Palestinians and more than 1,538 Israelis.

Source: Philippines News Agency