It is fair to prepare information and prepare policy tomorrow.

Kanwee" reveals he has a queue to debate government policy tomorrow. Hits that it doesn't meet the requirements. Prepare to dissect 4 main issues.

Mr. Kanwee Suebsaeng, MP for the Tham Thamma Party, said about the government policy announcement that the Thammathirat Party has a queue for debate tomorrow (Sept. 12) for approximately 17 minutes. There are 4 important issues to discuss. namely 1. decentralization There is a need to discuss many issues such as the governor and CEO. 2. Creating peace in the southern border provinces. It was seen that government policy gave relatively little importance. 3. Security matters which will discuss what the changes to the security structure will be like 4.Foreign Affairs What is Thailand's position in diplomacy? Let Thailand have dignity on the world stage. The details will be detailed one by one, especially on creating lasting peace in the southern border provinces. Regarding the governor and CEO who prepared the information for a long time.

As for the fact that there are many MPs who criticize the government's policies for not being as accurate as they were during the campaign, Mr. Kanwee said that from the first time he came into government, they were not consistent. And when he came into government, various policies changed. The opposition party will discuss everything from policies during the campaign. During the establishment of the government and today, it is a statement of all policies. Our discussion is therefore in the form of questions. and observe In order to strengthen the policy It is not a discussion in order to disagree with the policy.

When asked whether the opposition party would discuss the person who would become the leader of the opposition, Mr. Kanwee said that there had been discussions. But everything must be in accordance with the law. Which will have to wait first.

Source: Thai News Agency