Japan urges two-state solution in Middle East

Japan said Friday the implementation of a two-state solution in the Middle East and support for the economic independence of Palestine are of utmost importance. Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa, in a statement in Tokyo after presiding over the G7 foreign ministers' meeting earlier in the week, addressed the situation in the Gaza Strip. Kamikawa, noting that Japan "strongly condemns terrorist attacks by organizations, including Hamas," reiterated the demand for the release of hostages and ensure the safety of civilians. She said Japan maintains calling on parties involved to act in accordance with international law and urging the de-escalation of the situation in a clear and consistent manner. Highlighting the complexity of religion, ethnic origin and history in the intertwined situation in the Middle East, Kamikawa argued that solving the problem would not be easy. "However, I believe that Japan, free from historical constraints, can play a role. I believe that the implementation of a two-state solution and support for the economic independence of Palestine are also extremely important. Supporting the future of a two-state solution is a responsibility for Japan, which maintains good relations with both Israel and Palestine,' she said. The G7 foreign ministers agreed to call for a "humanitarian pause in the conflict" for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. The ministers, who agreed on the need for "urgent action to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza," emphasized the importance of adhering to international humanitarian law in conflicts.

Source: Philippines News Agency