Japanese NGO speeds up agricultural dev’t in Luzon

Japan Ambassador Koshikawa Kazuhiko on Monday officially inked a grant contract for the third phase of the 'Safe Vegetable Production Technology Dissemination and Vegetable Distribution System Improvement Project' in Luzon. In collaboration with the Japanese non-government organization, the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council (JAEC), this transformative initiative valued at USD599,412 (approximately PHP33.54 million), is poised to catalyze agricultural progress in Luzon. Seeking to drive down production costs and boost farmers' income, the project was initiated in March 2021 with the Department of Agriculture, provincial governments, and local government units (LGUs) in Luzon. The project aims to disseminate the technology of applying charcoal, wood vinegar, and compost produced by locally available materials in vegetable fields. It also intends to improve the vegetable distribution process. 'The Embassy envisions widespread benefits across the Philippines, bringing Japanese farming technology to numero us regions,' the Embassy said in a news release. With full-fledged support, Japan is committed to empowering Filipino farmers and fostering sustainable agricultural practices, it added. Source: Philippines News Agency