JKN explains that it is not selling TV channels to Top News.

JKN clarifies that it did not sell the TV channel to Top News. It is a co-production of the program on JKN18 channel and the company will receive compensation.

Mr. Chakkraphong Chakrajutathip Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of JKN Global Group Public Company Limited explains the news of the sale of the JKN18 channel. which is a digital terrestrial television station in Thailand Under JKN Best Life Company Limited (“JKNBL”), a subsidiary in which the Company holds 100 percent of the paid-up capital, the Company has not sold the rights to operate a business. broadcasting radio or television as shown in news reports in any way, with JKNBL still being the person who has received the rights to operate broadcasting or television business From the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (“NBTC”) as before.

However, the Company has reached an agreement with Top News Digital Media Company Limited (“Top News”) to co-produce news and information programs between JKNBL and Top News for broadcast on JKN18 channel, which is currently in the process. Arranging program schedules to allocate broadcasting times, for which the Company will receive compensation. As agreed by both parties, entering into this transaction is reasonable and in the best interests of the Company. It will be able to strengthen the business of JKN18 channel because the company has expertise in entertainment programs. and news programs on economics, finance, and investment, while Top News specializes in news and information programs. in presenting facts in every aspect Bringing together the expertise of both The parties coming together this time will help drive popularity among viewers. Including expanding the audience base of JKN18 channel to a greater number, which can strengthen the company's business. Be strong and grow steadily and sustainably in the future

Source: Thai News Agency