“Kamnan Nok” dropped his head and surrendered himself in a weary state.

"Kamnan Nok" reluctantly surrendered in the case of shooting a highway police officer to death. He was in a weary condition and refused to answer questions from the media. Examination supervisor

At 4:20 p.m., Mr. Praveen or "Kamnan Nok" arrived with a lawyer. Surrender at Muang Nakhon Pathom police station, face weary, sitting on the left side of the car and when the car is parked Pol. Col. Pornsak Laorujiralai, Deputy Commander of the Preparatory Division He opened the door and immediately pulled himself out of the car.

The reporter tried to inquire about the incident with "Kamnan Nok" but he refused to answer questions. The detention officer entered the investigation room. Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Station immediately. After that, the father and mother of "Kamnan Nok" also traveled to Muang Police Station. At this time Pol. Lt. Gen. Thanayut Wutticharat Thamrong Commander of the Provincial Police Region 7 Currently attending the interrogation .

Source: Thai News Agency