Kamphaeng Phet mother can now contact child in Israel

Mother of Kamphaeng Phet The son who is working in Israel can now be contacted. After my child sent me pictures of escaping in the forest It is now safe to register and prepare to return to Thailand.

From the case of Kamphaeng Phet's mother I'm worried about my son's fate due to violence in the Middle East. I've only been working for over a year. The child sent pictures of hiding in the forest near the factory along with a chat message describing the situation and wanting the government to bring Thai people back immediately. Unable to contact Only received news that his son had died.

Recently, reporters traveled to meet Mrs. Kasorn, 52 years old, a working mother in Israel. Revealed that the news of his son's death was a misunderstanding. Since the son is still alive, he can now be contacted. It's safe now. Registered and prepared to return to Thailand. As for the 266 Thai workers in Kamphaeng Phet traveling to work legally, everyone is safe.

Source: Thai News Agency