“Kluay Ping”, a 4-legged TikTok star, a friendly dog take merit basket

Samut Songkhram, Aug 17 – Anyone who sees it will love "Banana Grill", a dog, a TikTok star, walking in a basket to say good deeds.

From the case of the trend of dogs carrying baskets welcoming famous tourists on TikTok and knowing that the dog is at Bang Khae Yai temple Samut Songkhram Province therefore went to travel but did not find it because Mae Klong students took him to visit Rom Hub Market. Therefore continue to travel to Rom Hub Market, meet Ms. Ananya or Che Koke, 50 years old, bring the dog. A 10-year-old male black Labrador dog named "Kluay Ping" walks to meet with fans in Ruam Hub Market. until known It is loved by merchants and villagers alike. The toasted banana in a basket brought the owner to the market. Vendors shouted the name “Kluay Pieng” and put the money in the basket. to make merit together to build a church at Wat Bang Khae Yai

Jae Coke brought grilled bananas back to the temple. Toasted bananas carry a basket to offer to monks at the temple. to build a church In addition, grilled bananas carry a basket to make merit for tourists.

Che Koke said that Kluai Ping is a dog raised by the temple to welcome tourists. There are 4 of them, the same generation, 10 years old, 3 Labrador breeds, namely Kluai Hom (beautiful sister), Kluai Ping (the middle one is the most handsome. in the temple) and Chao Kuo, the youngest sister Buakaw is a Bangkaew dog breed. Kluay Ping is a friendly dog who likes to travel, so he likes to follow Rom Hub Market and carry a walking basket. Anyone who sees it loves it. Give snacks to eat every day until the body is very fat, so the doctor forbids eating snacks. for fear of diabetes Lately, fans have given money and put it in the basket instead. Therefore brought it to the merit cabinet at the temple to join in the construction of the church Every year, there will be a pile of Kathin in the name of grilled bananas, about 20,000 baht per year, doing it for almost 10 years, until now, tourists see the cuteness and therefore take photos on Tiktok, making it a well-known Tiktok star until being famous. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency