Korat severe drought Miss Cat Parade asks for rain get a lucky number

This year, many areas have insufficient water for farming. until the villagers had to rely on methods according to ancient beliefs The lady cat paraded around the village. I believe that it will rain according to the season.

The villagers of Non Chedi Phatthana, Village No. 19, Banlang Sub-district, Non Thai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province helped bring a white cat. Which is the national cat of Nakhon Ratchasima province, named "Chao Khot", female, put in a square cage by village headman led the villagers to set up a Nang Maeo procession around the village Sing and dance for the rain and lighting incense sticks, asking for lucky numbers from the siamese cat, hoping for 2 layers of luck, both winning prizes and pouring rain

The headman of Village No. 19, Ban Non Chedi Phatthana, said that right now there is a very severe drought crisis. The rain has stopped for more than 2 months, resulting in water shortages for both agriculture and consumption. According to the ancient belief, the villagers held a Nang Maeo procession in hopes that the rain would fall. Plus, get a lucky number from this swat cat, which is number 696.

As for the owner of the Sawat cat after the ceremony Take a shower and wipe feed as usual It's not animal cruelty. They are well taken care of because they are owned by cats. and also a lucky cat Because he is the only sociable cat in the village. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency