Lamphun Governor receives State Excellence Award 2023

Governor of Lamphun received the 2023 State Excellence Award in the category of quality of public administration, category 2, strategic planning. and communication for implementation

Today (7 September 2023) at 2:00 p.m., Mr. Santithon Yimlamai, Governor of Lamphun Province, along with Mr. Bunsong Chaimanee, Head of the Lamphun Provincial Office. Received the 2023 State Excellence Award in the Public Sector Management Quality category, Category 2 in Strategic Planning. and communication for implementation With Professor Emeritus Dr. Wissanu Krea-ngam presiding over the ceremony at the Grand Diamond Ballroom, 2nd floor, IMPACT Forum Building, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok. with a cheering team from Lamphun Province Come and join in the joyful congratulations.

In 2021, Lamphun Province received the state excellence award. The field of public administration focuses on service recipients and stakeholders, and in 2023 Lamphun Province was evaluated for the State Excellence Award in public administration in Category 2, strategic planning. and communication for implementation by Lamphun Province Strategic plans have been prepared. Provincial development for 5 years (B.E. 2023 – 2027) and annual government action plan Using the 5 P principles to prepare and put plans into practice. and use the principles of LSTM (Lamphun Strategic Targeting Management) to benefit There is systematic management. In addition, there are outstanding operations. In the strategic planning of Lamphun Province, emphasis is placed on 3 issues: longan product management to add value. Product promotion and development “Naturally dyed fabric”, working with network partners “Lamphun City Lab”, etc., is considered a commitment to develop the quality of the organization's management. efficiently Theref ore received the said award.

State Excellence Award It is an award of honor given by the Civil Service Commission (OCSC) to government agencies in order to honor them. Agencies that have been committed to performing government duties until they are successful and have excellence The State Excellence Award consists of 3 categories: government service branch, participatory public administration branch. and quality branch public administration The Office of the Public Sector Development Commission has held awards ceremonies continuously since 2003. This year, there were a total of 1,946 agencies that applied for the award and were considered to receive the award. A total of 238 prizes

Within the event, there was an exhibition under the concept of developing into a digital organization. where innovation is used to raise the efficiency of service delivery and organizational management and drive the organization using data to develop policies and provide public services, 10 public health booths, including the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health Department of Medical Sciences, Office of the Food and Drug Administration, and Department of Health. Social aspect includes the Department of Provincial Administration. Economic aspect includes the Excise Department, Treasury Department, Digital Government Development Agency. (Public Organization) in the field of agriculture and environment, namely the Digital Economy Promotion Agency. and the Department of Livestock Development .

Source: Thai News Agency