“Lawyer Decha” stated that the court views everyone as having equal rights. The issue of adultery charges violates the constitution.

'Lawyer Decha' stated that the lawsuit against his lover violates the law. This is because the court wants to enforce the law equally for both women and men, while the director of the Women and Men Foundation has gone further. Agree with the court resolution The Constitution points out that the problem comes from a patriarchal society. Proposes solutions for families with male children. Lawyer Decha Kittiwittayanan President of the Network of Suffering Lawyers Looking at the issue of the Constitutional Court unanimously deciding that a husband and wife cannot sue for adultery, that from today the Court's resolution for the next 360 days, a wife who registers her marriage or a royal wife will not be able to sue another woman whose husband has been unfaithful. Similarly, a husband cannot sue the man with whom his wife is involved. This is because the court views that everyone has the same rights and freedoms. Law enforcement must be equal. But filing for divorce can still be done normally because it is a diffe rent law. Lawyer Decha also stated that from reading today's court resolution There is no retroactive effect to the case in which the court has ordered. Except for adultery cases that are still pending in court, if 360 days have elapsed, the court will issue an order dismissing the case. Mr. Jadet Chaowilai, director of the Women Chai Klai Foundation, said he agrees with the decision of the Constitutional Court that filing adultery charges is against the law. Because the root of the problem really lies with the man. which should solve the male-dominated social system Let's start with a family with a male child. You should cultivate the habit of growing up with respect for women. Honor your wife When you get married and have a family Then later there were conflicts with his wife. I would not resort to cheating on my wife to find another woman. and pointed out that the presentation of dramatic dramas about divided family life should be reduced. Husband cheats on wife until the royal wife and the woman with wh om her husband was courting Quarrel and sue each other Because it creates values ??and familiarity. It's normal to see. Because litigation is not a direct solution to the problem. The director of the Women and Men Advancement Foundation also stated that from collecting statistics from news of husbands and wives being unfaithful to each other. It will be found that per year there are statistics of husbands cheating on their wives up to 20 percent, including wives who walk in to ask for help from the foundation. Because the husband is with another woman There are no more than 10 cases per year, but you will never find a man walking in to ask for help because his wife is courting another man. Source: Thai News Agency