M.T.1 is confident that “Chada” will defeat influence.

Anutin" is confident that "Chada" will be able to defeat influential people. No need to set a time frame. Because there are problems to be solved every day, the governor has made an accounting of the mafia's progress. Emphasize that money must be found to push for policies that are beneficial to the people.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Mentioning the suppression of influential groups and the mafia, Mr. Chada Thaiset, Deputy Minister of Interior, has been assigned. Which from September 13 will have full administrative power. Because when the Prime Minister finishes his policy statement will begin to work fully

As for whether he is confident that Mr. Chada will be able to handle this matter or not. The Minister of Interior said that he must be confident because everyone has a probationary period.

When asked about the work period, Mr. Anutin said that work and problems of the people are always present. Setting a time frame is not beneficial. We have to solve problems every day. As for the progress of ordering the provincial governor to create a list of influential people. Progress has been made and Mr. Chada has now been assigned. When asked about the discussion in the House of Representatives How are you Compared to the atmosphere of discussions in the past, Mr. Anutin said that the Prime Minister spoke about the content well. As for the budget that will be used to push various policies, what policies are beneficial to the people? I will find that money.

Source: Thai News Agency