“Madame Pang” confirms “Mano” will continue to manage the team until the end of his contract.

Madame Pang" Nuanphan Lamsam, manager of the Thai national football team, confirmed that "Mano Polking" will continue to manage the team until the end of his contract. February next year

The 49th King's Cup Football Championship, final match Between the Thai national team, ranked 113th in the world, the blue team meets Iraq, ranked 70th in the world, at the Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium, where this game has been postponed for half an hour. After heavy rain fell Causing water to become stagnant within the field There were 16,543 football fans watching this game.

The game started in just the 6th minute, Iraq came in and took a 1-0 lead from Amen Ghadban. Then the Thai team tried to attack and score an equalizing goal. Until the 38th minute, the Thai team scored a goal and tied the score 1-1, successfully from the moment of opening a long ball from the left side of Theerathon Bunmathan to Nicholas Mickelson, who headed in and was the first goal that Mick Kelson scored a goal on behalf of the Thai national team. In the second half, in the 65th minute, Iraq scored a goal and took the lead again 2-1 from Amjed Kadhim. In the 77th minute, the Thai team received a penalty from a handball moment. And it was Teerasil Dangda who was responsible for the kill, but Teerasil shot and was saved, the Iraqi goalkeeper blocked the ball and was unfortunately unable to tie the game. However, in the 82nd minute, the Thai team came up with a goal and tied the score 2-2, successfully tying the game with a Supachok San moment. Chat opens the ball to Bodinphala. He headed the ball in. The ga me ended in a tie 2-2 and had to go to a penalty shootout. It turned out that it was Iraq who shot more accurately, defeating the Thai team 5-4. In total, Iraq beat the Thai team 7-6, winning the first championship in the Kings Cup. He succeeded in taking control.

After the game, "Madame Pang" Nuanphan Lamsam, manager of the Thai national football team, said that it was a pity that the team was unable to win this championship. But he praised the players for playing well, especially Nicholas Michelson, the half-Thai-Norwegian right wing-back. Even if they don't win the championship, they will give 500,000 baht to build morale for the players. In fact, if they win the championship, they will give 2 million baht, causing Thai players to receive an injection of 1.5 million baht from "Madame Pang" along with Confirmed that Mano Polking will still be in charge of the team under a contract that expires in February next year.

Mano Polking, manager of the Thai national team from Brazil, said it was a close game. Iraq is the 7th ranked team in Asia that Thai players compete well. And let the players believe that the team's chance of going to the World Cup is still there. Because in this game everyone has shown that we can fight. The Thai team is still missing many key players who did not join the team. It is considered well done. As for teaming up with Masatada Ishii, who is the technical president, there were no problems. Because each person performs their own duties

Jesus Casas Garcia, the Spanish head coach of the Iraq national team, said he was happy and happy. that the team can win this championship And for the second time leading the Iraqi national team Win the championship with Iraq Every player did well. The team is also preparing for the World Cup qualifying round and the Asian Cup. and praised the Thai players for playing better than expected

Rebin Zulaka, a former Buriram United player from Iraq, said that the King's Cup program It's a good item. Each team competing is a good team. This program is to prepare the teams for the World Cup qualifying round and the Asian Cup next year

Source: Thai News Agency