‘Make Our Work A Religious Deed’

Trustworthiness must be instilled and practised by every working individual to ensure the job done meets the expected quality. That is the true characteristic and attitude of a true Muslim employee. On the other hand, neglecting the trust given is a betrayal and is highly prohibited by Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. This was among the matters included in the Friday's Sermon titled 'Make Our Work A Religious Deed'.

To maintain trust, there are several matters that must be highlighted such as minding the working hours; being sincere in view sharing; and avoiding bribery, breach of trust as well as abuse of power. Work must be done to the best of one's ability using their own capability, potential and expertise. As Muslims, trust in work is an obligation, and it will be judged by Allah in the Hereafter. Hence, an employee must strive to carry out the trust and responsibility given, and keep in mind that the income earned will become the main source of sustenance that will lead to happiness for the person, their family and the community.

Source: Radio Television Brunei