Mayor of Roi Et city warns! Beware of scammers spreading

Roi Et 18 Aug-Roi Et Governor Scam warning Use your ID card to apply for membership. If you accidentally lose your money completely. Remind the public, if seen, notify the hotline of the Damrongdhama Center 1567, 24 hours a day.

Today (Aug. 18, 2023), Mr. Songphon Chaikrim, the governor of Roi Et Province, revealed that the office of Roi Et Province was informed by the Muang Roi Et District Registration Office that There are many people who come to request service for a new ID card. Claiming to scan the ID card to apply for a subscription to a cosmetic company with the ad saying If you apply for membership, you will receive a membership fee of 500-700 baht.

“So he instructed Mr. Phairot Chitchak, Deputy Roi Et Province. has integrated administrative staff security working group The Roi Et Provincial Administrative Office together with the Security Department of the Mueang Roi Et District Administrative Office Roi Et Provincial Police Division Muang Roi Et Police Station and members of the Territorial Defense Force (Volunteer Sor. ) went to investigate the facts at Ban Nantiya Resort, Nai Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang Roi Et District Roi Et Province which as soon as the officials arrive Found a group of 4 male individuals who rented 3 rooms to be a place to recruit members. and there are a number of people waiting to apply for membership And inside the room that was opened as an application place, it was found that there were 1 laptop computer equipment, 14 mobile phones, and many activated and unused SIM cards. and found the ID card of the person who will apply for membership Inquiring about the aforementioned group of people claiming that Recruiting members to bring the member's ID card to open a shopping account with the application to sell products online at a cheap price. And will be sold to increase the price on Facebook, ”said Mr. Songpol.

Mr. Songphon Chaikrim, Governor of Roi Et Province further said After inquiring until obtaining preliminary information All 4 people were taken, including 5 witnesses to the incident and relevant evidence. Additional questioning at the Roi Et Provincial Police Headquarters which the aforementioned group of people testified that Previously, he went to apply for membership in Maha Sarakham Province. And since August 12, 2023, he has come to apply for membership in Roi Et Province. When the police extracted information from a mobile phone SIM card Found that there are people applying for membership in the area of Maha Sarakham Province. and Roi Et Province, a total of about 40 cases. Register on the SIM card and scan the face image Ready to bind the bank account of the aforementioned people Then apply for an illegal money loan application. They will deceive money from the loan application into the linked account until satisfied and will close the account.

Mr. Songphon Chaikrim, Governor of Roi Et Province added that At present, no victims have filed any complaints for such cases. If found that he is the victim Call the Damrongtham Center hotline 1567 or the police hotline 191 24 hours a day, or report the prosecution at the police station in your area of residence. for the staff to bring the database to follow the prosecutor with the aforementioned group of people.–Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency