Ministry of Defense ready to support military development

Navy Minister of Defense inspects the Navy. Emphasize the importance of developing the armed forces Procurement must be transparent and verifiable to support economic development. country strength Emphasize on taking care of personnel and their families as a morale booster to work.

Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Visiting the Navy with Admiral Adung Phan-iam, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. along with high ranking military officers and the head of the Royal Thai Navy's direct unit welcomed him at the Royal Thai Navy Headquarters. former palace Bangkok Yai District, Bangkok. On this occasion, the Minister of Defense paid homage to the Royal Monument King Taksin the Great Before inspecting the ranks of the honor guard Then signed the guest book. Received an honorary insignia and souvenir from the Naval Commander.

The Minister of Defense received a briefing on the operations of the Navy. and thanked you for the honorable and warm welcome Ready to provide policies and operational guidelines for the Ministry of Defense to be carried out in collaboration with the Navy and other armed forces. By giving importance to the development of the armed forces to be modern in every aspect. both in terms of national defense potential Adjusting the size of the force to meet new threats Including strengthening the readiness of military equipment. and develop technology

"Army management The procurement process must be transparent, verifiable, and for maximum benefit. Including taking land that is under the care of military units. that are no longer necessary for military use and are useful in improving the quality of life of the people Support economic development and strengthen the country. Importantly, care must be taken into account for the military personnel and their families. To build morale and encouragement in performing duties Including improving housing for junior government officials. To have a suitable quality of life It is consistent with the status of the budget,” Mr. Suthin said.

Admiral Adung thanked the Minister of Defense. who came to inspect The Navy Headquarters is ready to follow the policies of the government and the Ministry of Defense to the best of its ability. By adhering to the policy of the Minister of Defense as a framework and driving forward to achieve concrete results

Source: Thai News Agency