Morning glory with a mosquito net Generate income of tens of thousands

Farmers in Puei Noi District, Khon Kaen Province join a group to grow morning glory and seasonal vegetables for delivery to large department stores. Generate income of 20,000 baht per month

Mr. Wuttichai Phaowong, a farmer in Puei Noi District, Khon Kaen Province, provided information that the vegetable growing group in Sa Kaeo Subdistrict has come together to grow vegetables to create additional income besides farming. This time, I'm focusing on morning glory. The current price is 12 baht per kilogram. In some periods, the price is as high as 35 baht per kilogram. It is sold to companies that deliver vegetables to large department stores. The vegetable growing group has received GAP standards for safe vegetables. The group's income will be 20,000 baht or more per person. It depends on the diligence of the members. Whoever has a lot of land, can grow a lot, will have a lot of income.

In this regard, the vegetable growing group in Sa Kaeo Subdistrict, Pue Noi District, Khon Kaen Province has 30 members, focusing on growing vegetables in the kitchen garden to provide additional income for sale in the community and general merchants. Then it was developed to production standards until it received GAP certification and sent vegetables to department stores. There will be a company coming to pick up the produce 3 times a week, with a minimum quantity per week of 1 ton. Technology for growing vegetables with mosquito nets is used in order to reduce the infestation of pests. Make the products that are safe and of high quality. Popular products include morning glory, chili, and yardlong beans. In the future, they will be developed to meet organic standards. And most recently received the 2023 Lertrat Award in the category “Join together to solve poverty, less vegetables go to the mall to create life. Fight the poverty crisis" as well.

Source: Thai News Agency