Mother’s day jasmine, the price has increased 3 times, but still sells well

Mother's Day this year The shop selling jasmine garlands in Chiang Mai is bustling. The price has skyrocketed three times, but it still sells well.

The atmosphere of the shop selling fresh jasmine garlands Ton Lam Yai flower market area Chiang Mai city Bustling to welcome Mother's Day, the children flocked to buy jasmine garlands to pay respect to their mothers. Although jasmine garlands are becoming more expensive The wholesale price has skyrocketed three times.

Mr. Somphis, the owner of the malai shop, said that he ordered jasmine malai from Nakhon Sawan province. a finished garland Hundreds come in a bunch The wholesale price of fresh jasmine malaikorn, size 1 kg, has 10 large bunches or 20 small bunches. If it's normal, the price is only 200-300 baht, but recently the wholesale price has jumped to 800 baht per kilogram. A total of 6 lines, a wholesale price of 780 baht. He bought 18 boxes with all other designs, costing over 100,000 baht, but probably sold out. which the merchants who buy the crates to resell will be sold at a price of 170-200 baht per bunch

As for selling fresh jasmine garlands that were purchased for retail sale in Ton Lam Yai market There are all types of sales price adjustments from normal days. since the small garland From the normal price of 5 baht per line, adjusted to 15 baht per line, or selling 10 lines at 120 baht, the price of the malai is 30 baht per bunch, adjusted to 80 baht, 100 baht per bunch, adjusted to 150 baht, 200 baht per bunch, to 450 baht to 500 baht, according to the size and Beauty, but sells as well as last year.–Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency