MRTA points out that the highest penalty for electric trains is contract cancellation.

Bangkok, MRTA stated that accidents that occurred on electric trains are unacceptable. If they happen again, the maximum penalty under the concession contract is contract cancellation. The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) held a meeting of the Subcommittee on Consideration of Guidelines for Building Confidence in Electric Train Services for the MRT Yellow Line (MRT Yellow Line) and MRT Pink Line (MRT Pink Line) Projects, No. 1/2024, with the main content being a report on the incident of some doors of the MRT Pink Line train opening at Lat Phrao Station (PK18) on the morning of July 4, 2024. After the meeting, Mr. Witthaya Phanmongkol, Deputy Governor of MRTA (Operations) and Acting Governor of MRTA, revealed that from the accident that happened to the Pink Line, MRTA has set up a subcommittee to take care of this matter. It is fortunate that no one has lost any lives yet. However, the incident that happened has the potential to become more serious in the future. The MRTA must do something t o ensure maximum safety. If an accident occurs, it is something that we cannot accept. However, if an incident is unsafe for the public, MRTA has the right to suggest and order to ensure maximum safety. The concession contract allows for this, such as deducting points or withdrawing the money that we will pay, and the ultimate step is to cancel the contract. The case of the bag stuck on the Pink Line on July 4 was unexpected. We had to stop the train to remove the bag first, which caused the train to not move the entire train. The staff had to open the door and cancel the automatic system. When the door opened, some doors were outside the station, which the MRTA does not want to happen again. However, if this kind of incident happens again, the entire train must be in the station for safety before removing the bag. We must avoid solving the problem by using staff but use the automatic system to solve the problem. We must remove people from the risk first. We must train the staff with the concessionaire to st rictly follow the practice and will use this incident as a lesson. I would like to confirm that the safety of the passengers is the most important thing to consider. If it is not safe, we must order the train to stop running. We cannot be lenient. Source: Thai News Agency