Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Inspector confirms that the 6 police officers who were arrested do not have special rights.

Superintendent of Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Station confirmed 6 police officers who were arrested yesterday. no special privileges Take care of prisoners as normal Stated that he was stressed all night. Prepare for detention tomorrow morning.

Pol. Col. Phuphon Thapcharoen, superintendent of Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police Station, revealed that the six police officers whose arrest warrants were issued and heavily interrogated last night were taken into custody at Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Station Throughout the night everyone was in a state of stress. But there was no request. which confirms that The care was taken as normal as the other suspects, and it was confirmed that the six officers did not have any special rights. As for visiting, visit according to time. But maybe some relatives brought some clothes. Because at the time of the arrest Some still wore half-breeches in their uniforms.

As for evidence Now we have to wait for the CCTV footage on the server at Kamnan Nok's office. that has been submitted for verification and verification There will also be an inspection of other CCTV cameras.

While tomorrow (September 11, 2023) the 6 police officers will be taken into custody at the Criminal Corruption and Misconduct Court Region 7, Samut Songkhram Province, in the morning. Initially, the police will oppose bail. Because it is a case that society is interested in and worried about messing with evidence

Traffic inspector section Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Station The name appears to be the registered owner of the firearm used in this incident. and also provided assistance in escaping. Initially, Pol. Col. Phuphon stated that he had not yet talked. But a large group of investigators will be questioned. Confirm no pressure Even though the accused is a police officer. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency