Nakhon Pathom Governor orders inspection of “Kamnan Nok” project, whether it is a potential bidder or not.

The Governor of Nakhon Pathom ordered an investigation to catch any suspicious bids for business projects of "Kamnan Nok" and called a meeting. "Kamnan-village headman" meeting tomorrow

Mr. Surasak Charoensirichot Governor of Nakhon Pathom Province Referring to the case where there was an order to remove Mr. Praveen Chanklai or Kamnannok from the Committee to Inspect and Monitor Police Administration or the Police Commission for Religion or Culture. that because he was being prosecuted Therefore lacking qualifications As for holding the said position The secretariat proposes the names. But the details still need to be verified. At this time, Kamnan Nok was not found to be a member of any other committee. As for the supervision of influential people in the area according to the policy of the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Surasak stated that tomorrow he will call kamnans and village headmen in every area in the province. Let's understand how to perform duties, conduct ourselves, and conduct an honest career. And most importantly, it must be a good example for the residents. In addition, he has ordered an inspection of the project that Kamnan Nok's company won the bid for. As for whether there will be an auction or not. In the process of following up

Source: Thai News Agency