Nattawut Ends His Role as Pheu Thai Family Director

BANGKOK, August 21 (TNA) – Pheu Thai family director Nattawut Saikuar has announced to end his role as the Pheu Thai family director after the Pheu Thai party decided to join forces with pro-military parties to form a coalition government.

He officially announced during an online program this morning as the Pheu Thai party has planned to hold a press brief on the formation of its prospective coalition government later today. He emphasized that he was stepping down from the role but stopped short of using the term “resignation” since it's not an official position in the party structure.

He acknowledged the key reason for this decision was the formation of the Pheu Thai–led coalition government with pro-military parties. He had informed Pheu Thai leaders, whom he respected including ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, he said.

He confirmed that he harbors no resentment and understands the party's decision but remains committed to his principles. (TNA)

Source: Thai News Agency