NBTC joins hands with academics to emphasize that radio media producers should provide facts to listeners.

Bangkok, NBTC and academics speak at an academic seminar. Radio broadcasting and the quality of its operations and programs, everyone emphasizes that radio media operators should provide information and facts to listeners honestly and should adapt to keep up with the rapidly changing world. I believe that even though social media is hot, radio will never die. Mr. Sombat Leelapata, Specialist Legal Officer Acting Deputy Secretary-General of the NBTC, Regional Affairs Department, spoke at an academic seminar Radio broadcasting and the quality of business operations and program organization and the announcement of the "NBTC - QUALITY RADIO BROADCASTING AWARD" for quality radio broadcasting business operators for the year 2023 said that in the past 2023 was the first year that the policy was given. NBTC Office Carry out a project to select quality radio broadcasting operators. There is a quality assessment process. with participation from many sectors in setting criteria and guidelines for quality assessment Wh ich consists of many dimensions, whether it be qualifications regarding compliance with the law or specific features Both in terms of station management and network creation with the government/private sector. Engaging with the audience Arranging the program schedule to include news or information that is of public interest. Implementation of ethical standards Providing a variety of useful programs and program content promotes the use of people and society. However, even though the competition for radio advertising has become more intense, But what I don't want to see is advertising that deceives the public, such as advertising to sell products through radio media in a persuasive way to deceive consumers who don't want radio business operators to compete against each other illegally. Therefore, whether doing business what Everything must be under the law, with the NBTC having laws to oversee in order to create balance and compete on a fair basis. The radio media will reach the greatest number of people. Ther efore, it is something that entrepreneurs must be aware of so that media receivers should receive as many facts as possible. Screenshot Screenshot 'On December 31st, even though this is the end of all radio media licenses. But that doesn't mean that The NBTC will stop renewing licenses. At this time, the NBTC is in the process of preparing details for opening an auction for radio media licenses with a license contract period of 5 years, including important policies of the NBTC. The NBTC is that analog radio media and digital media must move forward together so that no one will be cut off from the system as radio media producers are worried about,' Mr. Sombat said. Dr. Atchara Pantharanuwong, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication Thammasat University said that radio media should not stop doing the same thing. Because today's competition is more intense, radio media must adapt to accept new things. For the benefit of the listeners and believe that if adjusted I believe that radio media wi ll never die. Radio is still a necessary medium. But with the modernization of technology today, it can respond to an increasing number of listeners. Therefore, access must be straightforward and provide information in order for listeners to get the most benefit from it. Dr. Thanakorn Srisuksai, Manager of the Safe and Creative Media Development Fund, said that radio media creators must adapt and do new things for radio programs that are more up-to-date with events. Don't stand still and just do the same old format anymore. If media operators modernize The fund is ready to fully support and asks radio operators not to worry about AI media coming in, but we still believe that listeners still want to receive information and knowledge from people who produce programs more than AI. Therefore, the fund develops safe and creative media. Move forward to help increase budgets with radio media producers. Assistant Professor Pimnatchaya Sajjasilp, Sub-Committee on Freedom, Mass Communication and Public Media, Senate, said that in the past, there have been many complaints from citizens that the media, both TV and radio, have violated their rights and freedoms. Especially selling products through media that is considered quite deceptive. which the Commissioner for Freedom, Mass Communication and Public Media The Senate received the complaint and coordinated with it. NBTC to find ways to prevent such problems. Therefore, I would like those who are known to be doing radio mass media business to be aware and find a way to help prevent it. I would like to ask the NBTC to find a way to prevent radio media from being deceptive in order to prevent people from being deceived and must. Be careful with the use of words in the program. Do not emphasize or persuade the listener more than the information received. Source: Thai News Agency