New dimension! The most stylish cake. A pregnant mother is like no other.

A famous cake shop in Sakon Nakhon province has a cool idea to make a cake depicting a pregnant woman who is about to give birth. Celebrate a Mother's Day like no other.

Ms. Salinthip The owner of the cake idea for a pregnant woman told reporters that This cake was an idea from my son. I want him to make a cake for Mother's Day. So he toasted the idea as a cake as seen. The inside is stuffed with a cake, the child is upside down in the stomach. I want to see the determination and sacrifice of a woman who gave birth to a child from pregnancy to delivery. Communicate with Mother's Day very well.

At first I didn't intend to sell. This cake is the second one that has been made. The first one has been sold to customers for 1,490 baht each. In addition, the shop makes regular cakes with jasmine cakes, 99 baht per piece.–Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency