“Noppadol” is confident that “Srettha” will not violate the law and ethics

Bangkok, August 5 – Noppadon is confident that Pheu Thai's candidate Settha will not violate the law and ethics as alleged by Chuwit.

Mr. Noppadon Pattama, Pheu Thai Party's list of MPs, said that as a lawyer, heard information about this matter Seeing that Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit's allegations that Mr. Srettha Thavisin was involved in tax evasion deviate from the facts because Mr. Srettha did not do anything according to Mr. Chuvit's accusation is not an accomplice or a culprit or advocating for any tax evasion, so the allegations are groundless. Because Sansiri Company bought the land. Duty to pay taxes from the value of land received by the seller is the duty of the seller. The buyer has the duty to receive the transfer and pay for the land only. If anyone wants to check that the seller is evading tax. Go ask the Revenue Department. make the truth come out the sooner the better

Mr. Noppadon said that the accusation of having a hidden act He did not see where there would be a hidden legal act. because there is no overlap of one juristic act to disguise another juristic act Land transfer to Sansiri It was a normal land sale that was done openly. Straight forward at the Department of Lands. There is a trading record. Paying taxes at the Department of Lands the accused part Mr. Srettha gets involved in tax evasion. with reference to the minutes of that meeting The fact is Mr. Srettha attended the meeting to acknowledge that Sansiri was going to buy this plot of land. It was a one-time meeting to approve the money for the purchase, so Mr. Srettha was not involved in the transfer of land or any action. of the seller

When asked about the attack on Mr. Settha Would it be a discredit to Mr. Srettha or not? could have been disclosed a long time ago I don't see the need to hold a secret or anything. Then came to reveal during this period that the Pheu Thai Party was about to nominate Mr. Settha to seek approval from the parliament as prime minister. It's difficult to see anything else. Apart from politics But the allegations are unfounded. would not affect the nomination of Mr. Srettha seeking approval from the parliament Mr. Srettha is a public figure. Ready to be checked. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency