Northern waters overflow into Sukhothai near critical point

Huge mass of water from Lampang and Phrae. It began to flow into the area of Sukhothai Province, especially the Yom River, which increased and overflowed in some areas. It is expected to reach the critical point tomorrow (Oct. 2) as villagers ask for the construction of a rock-lined dam. To solve problems sustainably and directly

Hundreds of houses in Wang Hin Village and nearby, Pak Kwae Subdistrict, Mueang Sukhothai District. which has been flooded since last night (Sept. 30) after the embankment blocking the Yom River collapsed. The stream of water overflowed and flooded the houses of the villagers so quickly that they were not expecting it. Some villagers were unable to collect their belongings in time. causing a lot of damage Villagers said the water was coming fast and strong. I would like to build a dam with rocks or build a permanent water barrier for the villagers as well.

Throughout the day, officials mobilized machinery. Bring a barrier to reduce the strength of the water flowing in. and used Big Bag to fill the damaged embankment. In order to prevent the water that floods the community from increasing. and prevent water from overflowing into Sukhothai city as well. Because right now the water is flooding in the north. Both Lampang and Phrae are flowing down to join together at Sukhothai Especially the water in the Yom River that continues to rise.

The volume of Yom water flowing through the Saphan Chan Beach Flood Gate, Sawankhalok District, above Sukhothai City, is 1,157 cubic meters per second. Discharges into the city at 828 cubic meters per second. This results in the level of Yom water flowing through Sukhothai city. It has increased to almost 8 meters, only 30 centimeters from the critical point. It is expected that more water from the north will come down. And it is expected that tomorrow (2 Oct.) Sukhothai city may be affected by flooding.

Most recently, Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Deputy Prime Minister Throughout the day, they went to the areas of Phrae and Sukhothai provinces to follow the water situation and inspect the water overflow points. Ready to say that the problem will be reflected at the Cabinet meeting and have the Prime Minister order a long-term solution to the problem because Sukhothai province has been flooded for more than 3 years and has to face this problem all the time. And it seems to be getting harder and harder. Therefore, long-term protection must be found. To reduce the suffering of the people as best as possible.

After that, Mr. Somsak gave things to the villagers. and meeting with government agencies to prepare for receiving water Recently, it has been reported that water from the Yom River has now started to overflow across the water barrier in some low-lying areas in Sukhothai city area.

Source: Thai News Agency