ONCB raids international drug trafficking gang, seizes 2 million methamphetamine pills

The ONCB Sondhi is seizing a major international methamphetamine trafficking network with 2 million pills seized in a rented house in a housing development, Bang Pa-in District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. As for the culprit, his car crashed into a police car, breaking through the cordon and escaping.

Narcotics Control Board police along with the Royal Thai Navy, Bang Pa-in Police Station, brought forces to search and arrest a major international drug trafficking network. At a house inside a housing development along Rojana Road, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. The officers traced the drug network from the northeastern provinces. that transports methamphetamine from neighboring countries Brought and hidden inside the said house To prepare for distribution in the central and surrounding areas.

After seeing a suspicious car parked inside a gas station in Wang Noi District, we followed the trail until we learned that the suspicious car was parked inside a housing development. So he waited and called for reinforcements to arrest the three suspects, which was the same moment that people in the house were about to open the door. causing the group of suspects to be alert Running away from the police The other two suspects who were sitting in a sport utility vehicle tried to crash into a house fence and a police officer's car. to open an escape route until damaged

From searching inside the rented house About 2 million methamphetamine pills were found wrapped in brown tape. Arranged in a corner of the house with the code 999 and a gray blanket. full of perfume It is assumed that this was used to cover up the smell so that neighbors could not smell the narcotic smell. The officer then took a photo and kept it as evidence. and transport all the drugs into the Office of the Narcotics Control Board. There will be a press conference on September 13 in detail again

Source: Thai News Agency