Open the football battle ‘Asset Wise Siam Sports Cup 2023’, fulfilling youth and youth dreams

'Siam Sport Syndicate Public Company Limited' joined forces with 'Asset Wise Public Company Limited', a leading lifestyle real estate developer, as the main sponsor. The opening of the nationally grand tournament 'AssetWise Siam Sports Cup 2023' (AssetWise Siamkeela Cup 2023) awakens important power for youths and youth across the country to access opportunities to develop their pace. Ready to show potential and Weaving the dream of becoming a professional football player come true to win prizes worth more than half a million baht.

'Asset Wise Siam Sports Cup 2023' opens the competition in 2 groups: the youth group 'Junior Cup', 3 groups aged U 8, U10, U 12 aged 8-12 years and a youth group 'Youth Cup. ' Number of 3 age groups U14, U16, U18, a total of 6 age groups, apply today. Before starting to hit the football at the end of September 2023

Recently held a press conference to officially open the tournament 'Asset Wise Siam Sports Cup 2023'. which was honored by Mr. Wilak Lothong, Chairman of the Executive Board of Corno and Nash Co., Ltd., to take a photo. along with famous Siam Sports guru columnists such as Big Cha, Bo Bu, Tang Kui, Khun Chui, Tong Sui, Yothin who came to talk and exchange experiences together and within the event

Mr. Oran Chuabang, Managing Director of Siam Sport Syndicate Public Company Limited, Mr. Kriengsak Yaamto, Managing Director of Business Group 2, Asset Wise Public Company Limited, the main sponsor, together with Bank Purachet Thod Sanit, a former youth footballer, a representative of the athletes who participated in the Asset Wise Siam Sport Cup 2023, spoke to the Football Panel Talk and Manita Duangkham Farmer, Miss Thai 2022. jointly invited the trophy of the competition at the Thunder Dome Stadium, Muang Thong Thani

Mr. Oran Chuabang, Managing Director of Siam Sport Syndicate Public Company Limited, said, “Siam Sport, as the leader of leading sports media in Thailand with a wide range of followers, with Siam Sport Newspaper as the main media. In the beginning of the construction of the company Presenting sports news covering all target groups. It is considered the starting point to create a phenomenon for the sports industry for a long time, both offline and online. Which still maintains the intention to always focus on every field of sport As well as being an expert in organizing sporting events both nationally and internationally.

In 2023, Siam Sports is ready to continue its intention with a new spark and strive to build a sustainable foundation for youth and youth. It is therefore considered a good opportunity to open the Asset Wise Siam Sport Cup 2023 tournament and marks the first year of organizing the Asset Wise Siam Sport Cup 2023 youth football tournament, which has been Good support from Asset Wise Public Company Limited under the common aim of inspiring and elevate the Thai football industry to be strong By opening the opportunity to take an important step towards success Ready to search for young people and youth from 8-18 years old across the country who have the intention Have a passion for football have the opportunity to participate in the competition stunt As well as accessing real experiences from intense formats under international football competition standards

For cooperation with Asset Wise Public Company Limited, a real estate development company that is the leader in lifestyle in Thailand this time. With a wide customer base of Asset Wise, it will result in an expansion of the football enthusiast base. Both will be able to work together to be a part of sparking and supporting the youth football industry as a whole to happen as a whole. important throughout the tournament It will be a new phenomenon that not only strengthens youths from all over the country to gain opportunities and gain access to intense competition. But every competition and activities will develop the contestants to discover their potential, the power of self-confidence Until growing up to become a good professional football player And be a part of the country in the development of Thai football in the future Ready to thank Asset Wise Public Company Limited for seeing and aiming to jointly drive the development of the Thai football industry at the youth level together.

Mr. Kriengsak Hyamto, Managing Director of Business Group 2, Asset Wise Public Company Limited, said, “We are very pleased to be the main sponsor of the Asset Wise tournament. Siam Sport Cup this time Asset Wise is a leading lifestyle real estate development company that prioritizes a variety of lifestyle activities for the new generation. This year, we intend to raise the bar for sports support. step The number one sport for youth and people of all ages is football, which is why we support AssetWise Siamkeela Cup 2023 this time with the intention of creating opportunities for young people to compete and develop their skills. In order to develop into a young footballer and a professional athlete, in addition to the fun and exciting competition of both generations, the company has also prepared activities for athletes and football fans to have fun during the competition as well.

By this year Considered the first year that AssetWise Has officially come to support football at the national level, which the company aims to participate in creating smiles, fun and pride for Thai youth as well, in line with Asset Wise's Brand Purpose Property developer under the concept of 'Happiness designed for you' or 'We Build Happiness'. has participated in supporting various sports activities Confident that the Asset Wise Siam Sports Cup 2023 tournament will be one of the best national football tournaments that offer the most opportunities for youth and youth across the country.

Source: Thai News Agency