Organized the event “Know Than Pak Tong On Tour” in Chiang Mai

Stock Exchange of Thailand Join hands with the Bank of the North, organize an event to know the mouth of the stomach on tour, Chiang Mai, to create a landscape of finance and investment.

Stock Exchange Join hands with the Bank of Thailand in the Northern Region to organize the "Know Than Pak Tong On Tour" event. in Chiang Mai province Take the guru to answer financial problems and build immunity from financial and investment dangers. Be aware of criminals Ready to provide knowledge about the rights of financial service users

at the Bank of Thailand northern office Chiang Mai Province Stock Exchange together with the Bank of Thailand “Know your stomach on tour Chiang Mai provides financial knowledge. Techniques for getting out of debt, having savings, ways to create income. Ready to build immunity against financial and investment dangers, which Mr. Sathit Bowonsantisut financial planner Come join in giving knowledge about financial planning. Techniques to pay off debt quickly and be aware of scammers deceiving investors By answering questions for colleagues interested in finance. Along with warning people that they must not fall prey to scammers. With greed, fear and ignorance And if you want to invest, you must do it with a trustworthy company that is properly registered.

Miss Noppakao Sucharitakul, Assistant Manager, Head of Corporate Communications and Social Development, Stock Exchange of Thailand Said that he hopes to organize activities on tour today. Will help our brothers and sisters in Chiang Mai more. Just like in Songkhla and Khon Kaen. To be aware of finances and to be immune from becoming a victim and to be aware of problems. To prepare to find solutions and help the people further. Both investment and debt resolution for working age people. Including the savings of the elderly group It has been found that there are many problems at this time. For the project "Know your stomach and the stock market" it happened during COVID-19 when people were in trouble. Therefore, we must find a guru to recommend techniques for solving problems. easy to understand and apply it in daily life for a better living situation in every region. .

Source: Thai News Agency