OSMEP wins 2 good government awards from the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission for the year 2023.

The Office of the Public Sector Development Commission organized an event to honor agencies that received government excellence awards in 2023 to help promote and stimulate various agencies to develop service quality. and the agency's management system with efficiency and sustainability The award-winning work will serve as a good model for other agencies to use as a guideline for developing the agency's work even further for the benefit of the people.

This year, there were a total of 1,946 organizations that applied for awards and 238 of them were considered for such awards. This year's 2023 Lertrat Award Ceremony was chaired by Professor Emeritus Dr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, one of Many agencies received awards, namely the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) received two state awards at the good level, consisting of "Measures to support SMEs to access government procurement (THAI SME measures – GP)” and “SME ACCESS TO SUCCESS: Opening the door to success for Thai SMEs” with Mr. Weeraphong Malai, Director of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), who received both of these awards. manually

Mr. Weerapong said that both awards are a source of great pride to OSMEP employees, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. OSMEP has cooperated with relevant agencies for the SM business sector. Small and medium sized SMEs have access to government procurement projects covering more than 40 percent of the budget and there is a goal that SMEs will have more access to this project in the next year as well. It also helps citizens who are interested in accessing information. OSMEP in every channel to provide people with knowledge and a basis for developing themselves as small entrepreneurs and OSMEP has a project to promote entrepreneurs through the BDS system or SME Bang Tang Dai Back, providing assistance and subsidies in the form of co-payments or Co Payments ranging from 50,000-200,000 baht, depending on the size of the business. The work goal for next year will be to try to maintain the level even further.

This year, the State Excellence Award consists of 3 categories: government service category; Participatory public administration branch and the field of public administration quality Considered the State Excellence Award It is an award of honor given by the Civil Service Commission (OCSC) to government agencies. To honor and honor Agencies that have been committed to performing government duties until they are successful and have excellence Received the state excellence award It will allow the people to receive services that are convenient, fast, transparent, fair, comparable to international standards and truly responsive to the needs of the people.

Source: Thai News Agency