‘Pae Thongtarn’ talks to the National Soft Power team for the first informal match.

Pae Thongthan' talks to the National Soft Power team for the first informal match. Prepare for a big team talk event on 3 October.

'OFOS-THACCA' is ready to run.

Yesterday, private sector members of the National Soft Power Strategy Committee met on the sidelines. To summarize various soft power proposals at TCDC, General Post Office, as preparation before the large committee meeting at Government House with the Prime Minister on October 3. This meeting was chaired by Professor Pansak Winya. Rat, Advisor to Dr. Liap - Suraphong Suebwonglee, Secretary-General of the NESDB The Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion, the Director-General of the CEA, the Governor of Tourism and the Secretary-General of the Minister of Culture also attended the meeting.

The atmosphere of the meeting was very fun. Ideas and proposals come in full form as Vice Chairman of the Board. Ink couldn't help but feel excited and hopeful. If we work together this fully, OFOS-THACCA's goal is to help develop creativity and high-level skills. to 20 million people along with the development of various soft power industries Go as far as the world level It should be easy to do with the cooperation of all parties.

Ink will update the progress of the project periodically. Ink believes that OFOS-THACCA is an important policy that will increase the potential for high-level skills and creativity of the people, like TCDC which was initiated by the Thai Rak Thai government and has continued to spark until the present.

Source: Thai News Agency