“Pichit Chuenban” sits as advisor to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister signs the appointment of advisors for "Kittirat" to sit as chairman along with 8 advisors named "Pichit Chuenban" after missing out on the position of minister.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, signed Order of the Office of the Prime Minister No. 234/2023 regarding the appointment of advisors to the Prime Minister. In order for the administration of government affairs and driving the work of the government to be efficient. By virtue of Section 11 (6) of the Government Administration Act B.E. 2534, the following experts are appointed: Being an advisor to the Prime Minister To act as a consultant and consider offering opinions or suggestions As assigned by the Prime Minister

1. Mr. Kittirat Na Ranong, Chairman of Advisors 2. Mr. Thewan Liptapanlop, Advisor 3. Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira, Advisor 4. Mr. Suphanit Chaiyawat, Advisor 5. Mr. Pimon Srivikorn, Advisor 6. Mr. Phichit Chuenban, Advisor 7. Mr. Chonthit Surasawadee, Advisor 8. Mr. Chai Watcharong 9. Mr. Surayuth Thaweekulwat, Advisor

In this regard, government agencies will support the work of the Prime Minister's advisers. As requested and the Secretariat of the Prime Minister facilitates the performance of duties. For expenses related to management necessary for operations To be in accordance with government regulations The money will be disbursed from the Secretariat of the Prime Minister.

Source: Thai News Agency