“Piraphan” awakens party members to be proud of being “Uniting Thailand to build a nation”

Bangkok,, "Peeraphan" encourages party members - representatives - and branches of the RTA party to be proud of being "United Thais build the nation" that is committed to working for the benefit of the nation and all people without discrimination. Emphasizes the establishment of the "Justice Station" as a center for accepting and solving problems for the people of the entire country.

At the Anchaleena Grand Hotel, Bangkok, Mr. Peeraphan Saleerathaviphak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, as head of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTC), presided over the opening of a training seminar for representatives of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party branch. Nation under the topic "Justice Station" (Coordinating Center for Receiving Citizens' Complaints) with Mr. Anucha Nakasai, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives. As deputy party leader, Mr. Ekanat Promphan, party secretary-general, Mr. Wisut Thammaphet, deputy party leader, Mr. Kecha Saksomboon Deputy Party Leader Mr. Kovit Tharana, Deputy Party Leader Col. Fueangwichu Anirutthathewa, Party Director, along with party executives Members and representatives of party branches Participate in many activities

Mr. Peeraphan said that today is a good opportunity for everyone to have the opportunity to meet for the first time after the election. In the past period, everyone in the party had worked hard together. With the goal of working for the nation and the people, since he and Mr. Ekanat Promphan started the Ruam Thai Sang Nation Party until today, it has been over a year now. At that time it was a start from nothing. There is only determination. Intentions in running the party in which direction

Mr. Peeraphan said that he and Mr. Ekanat have previous experience as district MPs, so they are close to the people, making them aware that people have problems but have no refuge. Most people's problems often do not reach administrators at the government level. or government officials This makes people think that their problems are not considered important. That is what made him think about how to create a political party that could help the people. and ready to listen to the problems of the villagers Bring those problems to solve as much as possible. Even though in practice it is not possible to solve every matter successfully. But at least it shows that the party cares. Try to fix the problem. To give people the encouragement to fight against those problems.

“Because of the determination to work with the main focus on solving problems for the people. This made me never think that the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party would have to grow into political power or have to have only a large number of MPs. But we intend to come together and help build a party like this one time. At least it's known that we've tried to do it and done it. So I tried to sell this idea to everyone. People who become party members to work for the people in “Fight every problem. You can rely on it in every matter” which is their identity throughout their political lives. And I really want to have a political party that works like this. This is the background that I would like everyone to know that this party was established not to seek political opportunities for the party leader. to party executives or party members But seek political opportunities to help solve problems for the people,” Mr. Peeraphan said.

The leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party further said that in all the time after the election there had never been news that the party had been lobbying to join the government. or negotiate for a position Request any ministry But when there was an opportunity to join the government, there was never news of the Ruam Thai Party creating a divided nation to compete for positions. This is something that he feels happy and proud of every party member. What people expect today is political parties. and members of political parties that are different from traditional political parties that this country once had When he came to serve in the Cabinet, he tried to do it with determination all his life. And it was intended to be a picture of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party that actually came to work. and solve real problems Other parties may not be able to do it. But the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party can do it. Today it has been proven that the Ruam Thai Foreign Party can do it. When people ask why they can do it. He said that because there were party members supporting him. Because of the support of the people and because of the policy that we firmly adhere to, we are here to work for the people. If you don't come to seek benefits Everything can be done if there is no personal benefit.

Mr. Peeraphan added that when he was Minister of Justice, more than 10 years ago, he saw the same problem. When I went to inspect government work. Had the opportunity to read the complaint book. Found that the problems were different But the heart of the problem is the same. It is suffering, having no refuge, not knowing who to turn to for advice. At that time, the project was set up. “Justice Station” was created, starting with recruiting justice volunteers throughout the country. Acting on behalf of the Ministry of Justice So that villagers can come in and complain about their problems. Because most did not dare to go to the police station and were not confident. Some said that they were ordinary villagers and were not given importance. Therefore, it is the point of thinking that if society stays like this, it will definitely not survive. If the villagers feel that there is no justice in society It's like the Thai expression that says “I have a place to stay. It's hard to feel depressed."

However, if this society makes people feel uncomfortable, it will be the beginning of division. He therefore set up the justice station project. Recruiting members to be officers of the Justice Station To perform the duty of receiving complaints when villagers are in distress Besides going to the police station There is still a refuge: the Ministry of Justice. The justice station project during that time was called provincial justice There is coordination with the provincial justice department. When villagers are in trouble, station officials can provide justice. and Provincial Justice helps coordinate with various agencies. Make the people have more to rely on. But there were political changes later on. The project was cancelled. At that time, Col. Fueangwich Anirutthathewa, director of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party on that day. Serves as Secretary to the Minister of Justice. She has previously served in helping oversee the Justice Station Project. Today I have to thank you. Party director who brought this project back to start again

Mr. Peeraphan also said that he would like to emphasize the objective and goal of everyone coming to work in politics, that they come to work for the public. Working in politics does not mean having to hold a position. If at any time you feel like you come in and want to have a position, you won't be able to work successfully. Entering political work is Coming in and sacrificing everything that is yours for others. As well as training for the justice station project that performs political duties. is to take care of the villagers Because it is happiness to take care of and have the opportunity to help society and help the villagers. After working, you will have the opportunity to hold a political position. Don't think it's a big deal. But it is a by-product of work.

Leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party He also reiterated the current communication guidelines for disseminating work and the guidelines for receiving public opinions in the area. Today technology or social media plays a very important role. The party itself has made efforts to improve its use of social media for public relations. Because it is easier and faster to reach the public than in the past. But if there is no content to publish, it is useless. Content that can be used on social media is work, taking care of the people. Taking care of the area Understanding the problem, knowing how to solve it and having a good team to help But the real world never changes: you have to work. Therefore, Party members, no matter what level they are, must work in the area. Be diligent in taking care of the area If no work appears, it is of no use.

“Don't let politics get involved in your work. We have to make the public see the intentions of everyone who truly comes with the intention of helping. Whether he chooses our party or not is not a problem. If he is a citizen, we must take care of him. Don't divide people. For us to be a good political party, we must not discriminate. Everyone is Thai. They are all members of the Ruam Thai Sang Nation Party. May everyone take this approach and create together. Create the justice station project of the Ruam Thai Party to build the nation to success. Help build a party build faith Build political confidence among the people that the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party is the future of them and of Thailand,” Mr. Peeraphan said.

For the training project and seminar for representatives of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, organized under the topic “Justice Station” (Coordination Center for Citizens' Complaints) was held on 4-5 November. The event was a training session to provide knowledge on legal issues and guidelines for political operations of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, such as political roles. of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party By Mr. Kowit Tharana, Deputy Party Leader, guidelines for providing legal assistance to people “Justice station is the people's station” by Mr. Natthanan Kanlayasiri or “Attorney Bon”, former candidate for Bangkok MP, Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. and a lecture on the Thai economy with the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party by Mr. Polat Sirikulpisut, former Bangkok MP candidate for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. etc.

Source: Thai News Agency