Planting wintergreen to create income throughout the year.

A former village headman of Trang Province planted winter balsam trees in a rubber plantation. The yield was good. The fruit was sold fresh or processed into preserved winter balsam. Generate good income throughout the year.

Mr. Sayan Thongsom, former village headman of Village No. 4, Lamo Subdistrict, Na Yong District, Trang Province, owner of "Ta Yan" orchard, brings the fruit that is the product. Make a good income this year. Came for reporters to see by Uncle Sayan doing mixed farming. Planting intercrops in the rubber plantation, including mangosteen, rambutan, longkong, and champada, were interplanted in the middle of the rubber plantation, totaling hundreds of trees. which can harvest products throughout the year including raising fish and raising bees It is considered an example for farmers.

Uncle Sayan said he was trying to communicate to the villagers that I can't do a rubber plantation alone. Because the price is very low Mixed farming should be done. Especially planting wintergreen An empty area in the middle of a rubber plantation. which does not require any additional investment It appeared that the wintergreen tree It grows very well, the yield is plentiful, and each shoot produces wintergreen weighing about 6-10 kilograms and can be sold all year round. The price is 20 baht per kilogram. There are merchants from Songkhla. Come and contact us to buy in bulk every week. It is processed into crystallized wintergreen. A recipe that Uncle's family came up with on their own. It has a sweet, fragrant, delicious taste and there are continuous orders. Especially during the dry season, there is not enough production to sell. until customers compete to buy .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency