Please believe in solving the problem honestly.

Prime Minister announces government policy. Moving forward to develop the country in 3 phases, with the first goal of stimulating the economy with digital money, wallets, waiving farmers' debts, reducing the cost of living, and reducing the process of making visas for tourists. As for the long term, reducing the number of generals, amending the constitution, we ask the House of Representatives to have confidence and confirm that we are devoting all our power to solving the country's problems with honesty and integrity. Under the framework of financial and fiscal discipline

A meeting of the parliament to state policies to the parliament according to section 162 of the constitution. With Mr. Wan Muhammad Noor Matha, Speaker of the National Assembly, it began at 9:30 a.m. The Speaker of the National Assembly explained that the debate will take place between 11-12 September 2023, taking a total of 30 hours, divided into Cabinet (Cabinet) 5 hours, members of the Senate (Senators) 5 hours, coalition parties 5 hours, and opposition parties 14 hours for the policy statement of "Seththa Cabinet" by Mr. Settha Thavisin. The Prime Minister is a 43-page document, divided into 14 pages of policy statements and the rest as appendices. The essence of the proposed policy framework of the government is divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term.

Then the Prime Minister began to state his policy saying: Today Thailand is facing major challenges. Both economically, socially and politically and has also been aggravated by COVID-19 coupled with social and political problems that are still protracted It is deeply rooted and has not yet been systematically and effectively resolved. The Thai economy is currently affected by global changes. and Thailand is entering a completely aging society. These challenges are factors that cause poverty and inequality. Lack of readiness to grow effectively All of which are goals of the government that must urgently solve the problem, which is defined in 3 phases: short-term, medium-term, and long-term.

The Prime Minister said that in the short term, the government needs to stimulate expenses with a policy of adding 10,000 baht via digital wallet. It will move forward with the policy to solve debt problems in both the agricultural, business and public sectors by suspending farmers' debt according to the conditions. Helping to support the debt burden and financial costs for the people. Covers small and medium-sized businesses affected by COVID. Under a philosophy that does not conflict with fiscal discipline and does not cause ethical hazards The next urgent policy is to reduce energy costs for the people. including electricity costs and cooking gas costs and fuel costs at the appropriate level Will push for policies that stimulate tourism. It is the first key to generating income to stimulate the economy in the short term. And create jobs for many people and open the door to tourists by facilitating and simplifying the visa process. And finally, we will aim to solve the problem of different opinions. By amen ding the constitution without touching the royal family

The Prime Minister said that for the medium and long term The government has a way to generate income. Both opening the door to trade in new markets in the European Union. and countries in the Middle East Create added value through products to attract investment Including investment in transportation infrastructure in the country, including roads, waterways, rails, and air, developing a legal trade economy along the border to create money, create jobs, create income, and also create income for farmers throughout the country. To increase significantly within a period of 4 years, helping create income for the people. By canceling and improving unnecessary laws, such as unlocking regulations related to local liquor.

“We will manage in a decentralized manner, with a governor and CEO to create efficiency in administration in each province. To meet the needs of the people and allow the public to participate in setting goals The government will use technology to increase transparency. Eliminate corruption loopholes In addition, a representative of the executive will be selected to represent the local development of the homeland. This government will have a policy to support the creation of soft power. Promote one family one soft power skills As for the matter of education The government will carry out policies to reform education to become a lifelong learning society. And education must be decentralized so that students can access learning thoroughly. Ready to confirm that The government will give importance to the quality of life of teachers across the country,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that the government will join in developing the military to be an important force in the country's development by changing the form of military conscription to a voluntary one. Improving training to be creative. Reduce the strength of high-ranking commissioned generals. and determine the number of personnel in the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) to be consistent with current roles and missions. Improving the procurement process of agencies under the Ministry of Defense And finally, we will use the area of military units that are redundant for use by the people, especially for agriculture.

“Security section The government will work with all sectors. Suppress drug influencers to eliminate them from Thai society by adhering to the principle of turning addicts into patients. and after treatment, develop and develop abilities to enter the labor sector as a producer As for producers and traders, they must be punished according to the justice process. We will take serious measures to seize subs to break the cycle of drug trafficking. In addition, the government will implement policy guidelines for the use of medical and health cannabis to create economic value,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that regarding the public health system, we will be able to support emergency situations and emerging diseases that may occur in the future. We will raise the level of the 30 baht policy to treat all diseases more effectively. Receive more convenience with basic services close to home. People don't have to bother traveling far. However, the government will give importance to the equality of all groups of people, whether they are vulnerable groups, the disabled, the elderly, and ethnic groups. We will take care of them so that they have honor, dignity, work, income, and a better quality of life. "State welfare"

The Prime Minister said that if looking into the future, the next 4 years will be 4 years in which the government will lay a new infrastructure foundation for the country. By adhering to the strong and reliable rule of law. Based on accuracy, transparency, and auditability, while managing expenses to carry out government policy, maintaining the country's fiscal discipline framework strictly. and give importance to the financial and fiscal stability of the country By considering spending from budget and extra-budget funds. Both in terms of loans and allowing the private sector to participate in investment to develop the country. Including considering using other financial tools to support policy implementation to reduce investment burden from the national budget and borrowing money. The government makes money through taxation. Along with accelerating the promotion of trade, investment and tourism. The government makes money through taxation. Along with accelerating the promotion of trade, investment and touris m.

“The government would like to reassure the parliament and the Thai people that The government will administer the country with honesty. Be honest and adhere to the public interest of the people. and the country is the location The government is determined and dedicated to implementing policies to support the movement. and raising the level of economic and social development and the quality of life of the people. Along with preserving the environment in order for the country to move forward. People are living well and earning more income to achieve my and the government's ultimate goal of creating better living conditions for all citizens. and pass on a better future to our children and grandchildren from now on,” the Prime Minister said.

Source: Thai News Agency