Points out that the North Korean leader may choose an unexpected route to meet Putin.

South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) said today that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may take an unexpected route when he travels to Russia. to meet with President Vladimir Putin

The New York Times previously reported that Mr Kim plans to travel to the Russian city of Vladivostok. It may use an armored train this month to negotiate with Putin about the possibility of supplying arms to Russia for war and to discuss other military cooperation, South Korean lawmakers said. that NIS officer clarified to the meeting of the parliamentary committee on intelligence that According to the New York newspaper The Times has already reported on this matter. There is a possibility that Mr. Kim It will make a surprise decision by taking a different path than what many parties had expected. Yonhap news agency It was also reported that Mr. Kim Hyu-Hyun, Director of NIS. He also told the committee meeting that NIS would closely monitor Mr Kim's plans to visit Russia and would share intelligence information with foreign intelligence agencies.

A New York Times report said a group of about 20 North Korean officials traveled to Vladivostok in late August. which shows that North Korean leader is going to travel there soon.

Source: Thai News Agency