Police commander expects to know today whether he committed suicide or castration.

The police chief rushed to report to the Prime Minister about the death of a highway superintendent at his home. He has not yet decided whether it was suicide or mutilation. He asks for an investigation. He expects it to be clear today, emphasizing that the murder case of "Bank Inspector" was wrong. Wrong, right is right. As for the threat to invade and steal "Kamnan Nok", it's just an avatar.

Police General Damrongsak Kittiprapat The Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police (Commander-in-Chief) traveled to meet with Mr. Settha Thavisin, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance. At the reception room on the 3rd floor of the Parliament building during the government policy announcement to Parliament to report after the incident, Pol. Col. Wachira Yaowthaisong, superintendent of the Royal Thai Army's 2nd Battalion, shot himself to death. For unknown reasons At a house in the Lam Luk Ka area, Khlong 2, Pathum Thani, who was one of the 25 police officers present in the shooting incident, Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn Saibua at the house of Mr. Praween Chanklai or Kamnan Nok, Nakhon Pathom Province, died and the Police Commander had Order for all 25 police officers to come and assist at the Police Crime Suppression Division, with Dr. Phrommin. Lertsuriyadet Secretary to the Prime Minister Listen to the report

Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Gave an interview after meeting the Prime Minister that the Prime Minister called to ask questions. It was initially stated that he had just been informed of the incident by Pol. Col. Wachira Yaowthaisong, superintendent of Division 2, Royal Thai Army Headquarters, commanding officer of Pol. Col. Siwakorn Saibua or Inspector Bank. Highway inspector who was shot dead at Kamnan Nok party Used a gun to shoot himself to death at a house in the Khu Khot area of Pathum Thani Province. The Prime Minister has ordered that every aspect of this case be handled honestly. Including the shooting case of Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn There are arrest warrants for 2 people, namely the village headman and Mr. Nong Thapha. Currently, the Crime Suppression Division is working on it.

“As for the 25 police officers who were at the scene of the party on that day. At this time, a preliminary investigation has been made and all charges have been filed. A total of 6 arrest warrants were issued, including 2 local police and 4 highway patrol officers, and legal action has been taken. In addition, commanders at each level of each unit belong to He had already been released from government service before. which I reported to the Prime Minister, with the Prime Minister requesting that it be handled fairly Whoever is wrong will say that they are wrong. Whoever is in the right, let them go in the right direction,” Pol. Gen. Damrongsak said.

When asked if the director shot himself, many people wondered if it was a castration killing or not. The Royal Thai Police Commissioner said he would like time to investigate first. Region 1 commander has now traveled to the scene. Including the police in the area already gone. Please take time to check in the area to see what the situation is. All evidence details will be collected by forensic science. I believe that soon there will be clarity. I don't want to rush to any conclusions right now. I want everything to be complete. both surrounding witnesses Forensic science Firearms clearly

When asked again whether it was possible that the director decided to take his own life. Because he was the one who led Inspector Bank to die. Pol. Gen. Damrongsak said he did not want to decide whether it was suicide or castration. Ask for clarity from the investigating officer first. Before his death, he never talked to him. But will I talk to anyone? Let me check first. As for the report, there was a discussion among fellow police cadets on LINE that they wanted to commit suicide. Just received a report as well. Initial inspection has been done. I don't want to say much yet because if I say anything it might be distorted. Please go find more information. in order to explain to the public

When asked how to prevent something like this from happening again. Especially the murder The Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police said, "Don't think of it as a murder or suicide." Give me time to prove it and you'll know.

When asked repeatedly, Will this case be a shock to many adults who are worried that there will be more losses? Pol. Gen. Damrongsak said it was each person's opinion. I still don't want to say anything. I still don't want to think that far. Let me see first what the cause is. from stress and then commit suicide Or according to the news that said it was a castration murder or not? I don't want to decide yet. Please take time to check first. It has not yet been confirmed whether it was suicide or castration. However, such cases will not affect the case. It is believed that within a few hours today there will be more clarity.

As for how to protect the remaining witnesses? The Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police said that commanders at each level should go and check whether they have any needs or stress. This will be used as a guideline for talking with the rest of the police. who are not in prison

When asked repeatedly, The conflict in the case comes from the truck tribute, right? Pol. Gen. Damrongsak said he was waiting to check first. As for the case where Kamnan Nok had threatened to be released or else he would invade and take him away, the Royal Thai Police Commissioner said that after initial investigation it was an avatar, there is no basis. Initially, we have security measures in place. Must wait for the investigative team to investigate.

Source: Thai News Agency