Prepare a meeting to change the Board of Directors after receiving “Padipat”

"Kanwee" reveals "It's fair" to accept "Padipat" to join. There will be a meeting to change the Board of Directors soon, ready to fight in the next election. Prepare to further invade the north-northeast-west areas.

Mr. Kanwee Suebsaeng, list of MPs and the party secretary is fair Referring to the case where the Thammathirat Party is preparing to hold a 10-month, 10-month event at Parliament, admitting that it is an event that will really launch Mr. Padipat into joining the party. As for after Mr. Padipat becomes a party member, will he consider giving him any position in the party or not? It will have to be discussed again. However, the Thammathirat Party is preparing to hold a meeting to change the party's executive committee soon to support the mission of fighting the upcoming election.

“In the past, the party has received good response from the people. Not only in the 3 southern border provinces only. and is currently in the process of expanding its base to the northern region Northeast and the western region as well Including preparing people to go to the area to find votes for the party. In the case where Mr. Padipat joins the party, it is believed that it will be more beneficial to the party in the upcoming elections,” Mr. Kanwee said.

When asked about the criticism that the Kao Klai Party has raised for Mr. Padipat And in the next election, he will return to the same party. Mr. Kanwee said that at present it is not an issue that has been discussed.

Source: Thai News Agency