“Pygmy Plai” a Khao Yai wild elephant comes to school while saluting the national flag

Students ran away in a scattering after a dwarfed Khao Yai wild elephant invaded the school during the national flag salute.

Teachers and students of Prang Kla School, Ban Kut Kla, Village No. 5, Moo Si Subdistrict, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Kwankrajeng, when the dwarfed fish male forest elephant Smaller than normal wild elephants, around 20 years old, they walked across Thanarat Road, Pak Chong - Khao Yai, to enter the school gate where they were lining up to sing the national anthem. The field in front of the school building Until the teacher had to announce a voice over the line for the students to run to avoid the elephant first. causing students to run and scatter to survive As for the pygmy fish, he walked along the school fence and into the forest. causing students to return to respecting the national flag

Pygmy snakeheads often come outside the boundaries of Khao Yai National Park. Most of them did not go back into the national park area. Hide and sleep in the forest. until it is well known and familiar to the villagers in Moo Si Subdistrict and Pong Ta Long Subdistrict, Pak Chong District, their temperament is not violent. But villagers fear they will be hit by a car when crossing the road. Therefore, we gather together to help take care of each other and help each other when the pygmy snake crosses the road.

However, the pygmy pygmy has done quite a bit of heroism. Have you ever gone to drink water from a villager's water jar? Which is about 3 km from the boundary of Khao Yai National Park. Using the trunk, I opened the lid of the jar and ate until I was full before walking into the forest. And on August 1st, walked into Khao Yai Yansampanno Temple, Village No. 1, Pong Ta Long Subdistrict, Pak Chong District, to the pavilion where villagers were making merit on Asarnha Bucha Day. The temple was crowded. causing them to have to run away from each other in different directions But the pygmy snakehead didn't do anything

Source: Thai News Agency