Remind the lessons of the past government that was coup d’état because of corruption.

Jurin" criticizes government policy standards that go against the height of "Seththa" campaigning for drama. Claiming to chase a rat and hit a cobra Finally, there are rats joining the government. Hope you don't break your word and act dishonestly. Remind you of a lesson learned from a coup d'état because of this.

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, list of MPs Acting Democrat Party leader Discuss government policy that The Democrat Party will serve as the people's opposition. Check the management to the best of your ability. It will be a strong opposition. But I will not object to every matter. Maintain the highest benefit of the country As for working with other opposition parties, that is, seeking common ground, reserving differences, confirming that we do not support touching Section 112, but will work with other opposition parties. to the best of your ability

“The standard of this set of policies, to be frank, I apologize to the Prime Minister. In contrast to the height of the Prime Minister, the question of the country is really vague. The policy is shifting lack of clarity Lavish with rhetoric, going round and round, it becomes a flooding policy. Morning glory, "Mr. Jurin said.

Mr. Jurin said that the policy of the Prime Minister Statement and campaign policy It was a different film, not matching the cover. For example, the bachelor's salary policy of 25,000 baht suddenly became a ninja policy. Disappeared without a trace Or what do you think? The government will not last until 2027 as campaigned for. Like the minimum wage policy of 600 baht/day which is the second ninja policy.

“The electric train policy of 20 baht for the entire line, implemented immediately, has lost one more policy. Where does the electric train go to sleep? Until the reporter couldn't stand it Followed to interview the Minister of Transport. He was hesitant and said that it would be ok for me to do it in another 2 years. At least you have broken one word. Don't break the second word. You must do it," Mr. Jurin said.

Mr. Jurin said that as for the policy to increase income for families with incomes less than 20,000 baht/month, where will the budget come from? While the policy of decentralizing power to local areas Governors will be elected throughout the country. Now the remaining governors are CEOs, centralizing power to regional government, going back more than 20 years.

“Having said that, in the end I would like to say that It's just a word of mouth when campaigning. Because I have a duty to inspect the administration of government on behalf of the people. And you must speak so that the government realizes that you can campaign, but you must be responsible. Don't let it be like when chasing a rat and hitting a cobra. In the end, both the rat and the cobra came to stay. It has become a drama policy,” Mr. Jurin said.

Mr. Jurin said that for agricultural policy Even though the Prime Minister announced that there is no rice pledging policy It's a good thing. Because this project has created a total debt of 884,000 million baht, another 254,000 million baht of debt is still required from 2023, as well as the digital wallet policy. There was no clear explanation of the source of the money. There is no conclusion yet. It means that it is a policy of death and death. And I must warn you not to let this be a corruption of policy.

“The Democrat Party is ready to support amending the constitution. But there is something to notice. Because it is stated that the section on the King cannot be amended, that is, section 2, which we agree with, but does that mean section 1 can be amended? It's about the regime. and the form of the state is indivisible. Why is the government policy not clearly stated? Or are you considerate of anyone? or any government coalition party Don't think that separatism won't happen. In the past, there has been a petition filed with the Constitutional Court,” Mr. Jurin said.

Mr. Jurin said that as for the policy of solving corruption. How serious is the government? because there is only a little specified The government must realize that His government in the past was seized power twice because of corruption. and enact laws to cleanse corruption. History must not be repeated. The government must restore and strengthen the rule of law. No one is above the law. The law must be enforced equally. All prisoners must be treated equally. This policy

Whether it becomes a reality depends on the Prime Minister and the government. royal pardon It is considered the greatest grace of His Majesty. that the person receiving forgiveness must realize And the government must realize that Even if you are pardoned, you will still be guilty. There is also the possibility of receiving a new sentence in the future.

“If the previous government didn't do it right you made it right Don't let it go. Don't create new standards. Trampling on the hearts of people who love justice and honesty. To be discouraged This is an important opportunity for the government to make the phrase that we use to catch on. 'Prison is only for holding poor people. with people without power' was extinguished by the Prime Minister named Settha Thaweesin,” Mr. Jurin said.

Reporters reported that During the debate, Ms. Theerarat Samretwanit, Bangkok MP from the Pheu Thai Party, rose up to protest against the debater saying that The panelists are discussing beyond the boundaries we have set. This must be discussed in the current government, not in the past. What is said is false in the House. because it caused damage to the past government Therefore, I would like to withdraw the statement that Ms. Yingluck's government causing damage in the matter of the rice pledging project

Meanwhile, Teacher Manit Sangphum, MP for Surin, Pheu Thai Party, protested that the debaters had overstepped the point that the Pheu Thai government in the past was a coup because of corruption. Even though society knows well what the cause of the coup was. Finally, as seen Some parties also rely on the merit and prestige of the Revolutionary Party. And now it is losing power. and was about to lose many things, so he asked to withdraw the word "corruption" which Mr. Wan Muhammad Noor ruled that it was a statement of policy It is not a debate of no confidence. You may not need to retract your words. But please continue the discussion with caution.

Source: Thai News Agency