Report the arrest of the real father Drug addict uses PVC pipe – shower hose to hit 6-year-old child

Unbearable! Aunt takes her 6-year-old niece and runs away from home. Requesting assistance from the Paweena Foundation File a complaint against the real father who was a drug addict and used a PVC pipe and shower hose to hit his child until he was bruised all over his body.

Mrs. Paweena Hongsakul, President of the Paweena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women Along with the aunt of a 6-year-old girl, she went to meet with investigators at the Lat Phrao Police Station and filed a complaint against her 33-year-old younger brother, who is the biological father. of her 6 year old niece on charges under the Child Protection Act 2003 (child abuse), the Domestic Violence Victims Protection Act 2007 and Section 295 of assault. others until it causes physical or mental harm After having violent and cruel behavior Used a PVC pipe and a shower to hit and bite her 6-year-old daughter's body until she was bruised, her head was broken, and there were wounds all over her body.

The child's aunt said that the child's father was a 33-year-old younger brother who had been in and out of prison repeatedly. Drug use and possession cases Both amphetamine and ice He had just been released from prison 3 years ago. The child's mother died of a drug overdose 3-4 years ago. Normally, the younger brother is a quiet person. But when taking drugs or drinking alcohol, the mood becomes violent. Before having children, I had already hurt my siblings. But when they have children, they tend to attack them instead. Most recently, on September 29, the younger brother went to work as a private driver. After work, he returned home at 2:00 a.m. heavily drunk. Wake up my daughter and go take a shower. But the child is sleepy and quiet. The younger brother then dragged the child into the bathroom. Turn on the water and use the shower head to hit his forehead until it lacerated. In the past, PVC pipes were often used to hit the body. and bites on the arms and legs and leaves marks all over the body Therefore, he feared that if the child remained with his father it would be dangerous. So he took his niece and ran away from home. Request assistance from the Paweena Foundation

Superintendent of Lat Phrao Police Station Said that he would expedite the process of tracking down the child's father to prosecute as quickly as possible. From a background check, it was found that the child's father has a history of being convicted of several drug crimes, both at Lat Phrao Police Station and Chok Chai Police Station. Most recently, he has been imprisoned since 2017 and was released from prison in 2019. Initially, in cases of child abuse, he will be charged according to Child Protection Act 2003 (child abuse), Domestic Violence Act 2007 and Section 295, harming others until causing physical or mental harm.

Source: Thai News Agency