Scholars expect Pheu Thai to control the Ministry of Economy

NIDA, Aug 19- Scholars expect Pheu Thai to control the Ministry of Economy. "Treasury - UT - Transport" but must give up "Kor. Sor. - Ministry of Tourism" for "Pride of Thailand", as for "Joining Thais Build a Nation" sitting at the Ministry of Energy looking at the prime minister's candidate may be a "golden raft" Than” if “Srettha” was exposed by “Chuvit”, wait and see on August 21.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pichai Rattanadilok Na Phuket discussed the allocation of cabinet seats for the Pheu Thai Party government that Quota-based allocation and the ability to negotiate In which, in principle, the party that is the leader in forming the government must have a chair. Ministry of Finance ministry of interior and the Ministry of Defense But under certain special circumstances, parties joining the government may want certain ministerial seats according to their wishes. skill or need, such as the need for the Ministry of Defense And it is possible that the leading party in forming the government may give up this chair and allocate it.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pichai also said that the Pheu Thai Party views that I myself have expertise in the economy. If you want to accomplish this mission, you have to keep the main ministry of economy under control. such as the Ministry of Finance Ministry of Transport Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry of Commerce ministry of energy and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports

These ministries are viewed by the old political parties as grade A ministries, causing competition, such as the Ministry of Transport. that the Bhumjaithai Party used to control might want to continue But as far as I can see, the Bhumjaithai Party should agree to the Pheu Thai Party. because the Ministry of Transport The Pheu Thai Party's prime ministerial candidate had previously announced that the Pheu Thai Party must be in charge. Therefore, there may be negotiations for ministries of similar weight. like the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives for Bhumjaithai Party

As for another ministry that the Pheu Thai Party would like to take care of. is the Ministry of Public Health To continue the policy of 30 baht to cure all diseases, but the Bhumjaithai Party would still want to continue to control this ministry. because they want to drive cannabis policy Therefore, it is believed that Bhumjaithai Party should negotiate in order to continue to control this ministry.

as well as the Ministry of Tourism and Sports that Bhumjaithai Party will negotiate to sit in this ministry as well for the party's important leaders in the southern region

“If this is the case, then Two important economic ministries are the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Will stay with Bhumjaithai Party This will cause the economic policy of the Pheu Thai Party to be driven as smoothly as it should be.

For the ministry that is reportedly very competitive, it is the Ministry of Energy. Because he was originally with the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party which he has the main supporter of energy capital therefore would like to have this ministry to continue to dominate And the Pheu Thai Party wants this ministry. But after the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party made it clear that it would join the government with the Pheu Thai Party, it was possible that the Pheu Thai Party would allow the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. Take care of this ministry

When asked whether the proportion of having a large number of coalition parties would cause problems or not, Assoc. Because if the talks are not settled, no party will announce that they will vote for the prime minister. Although the party leaders came out to say that it was not about negotiating positions But in the political dimension would be impossible. I believe there will be some degree of agreement. But probably not certainty. It may change as well. Only the agreement is acceptable to a certain extent. This leads to a vote to choose the Prime Minister on August 22, while there may be some conflicts after negotiations. But in this situation anything can happen.

The internal trend of the Pheu Thai Party Will there be flicker or not? Because there are some groups where there is a trend of negotiation news, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pichai said that in small groups of each party have the same What ministerial positions would you like to have? Pheu Thai Party has Which must be a matter of the ability of the party leaders to manage how to prevent a split before forming a government. It is important to stabilize the situation before voting for the Prime Minister on August 22, and not just the Pheu Thai Party. Because the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party itself has many groups. that each group would like to have a position In the end, it should be possible to find a solution.

When asked about the announcement of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra's return to Thailand, former Prime Minister on August 22, which coincides with the day of voting for the Prime Minister, Assoc. with the establishment of a government It will be a piece of evidence that will make it a tool to ensure that on August 22, the prime minister's candidate of the Pheu Thai Party have a chance to be selected Just a candidate for Prime Minister of the Pheu Thai Party who announced that he would be Mr. Srettha Thavisin and many political parties to accept But the problem a number of senators questioning properties From the case of Mr. Chuwit Kamolwisit, who came out to reveal, making him unsure whether he will be Mr. Settha or Mr. Settha on August 22 But if you want to be confident, you have to wait and see on August 21 at Mr. Chuvit. Will come out with a press release that How much or how much will it create a vibration for the idea of the Senator? ready to see that the leaders of the Pheu Thai Party will have to evaluate each other again on August 21 If assessing that Mr. Srettha Still enough to go, will nominate. But if there is a lot of resistance, Ms. Phaethongtan Shinawatra may be presented, which has a higher chance of being elected than Mr. Srettha. Partly because she is Mr. Thaksin's daughter. despite not having much political experience But it is considered to be someone who has prestige in the Pheu Thai Party. Including Ms. Pae Thongtarn's popularity during the election period, it was high. Therefore, the situation must be assessed again before the day of the election of the Prime Minister.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency