Scramble to snatch customers on a speedboat to travel to Koh Larn

Chonburi, Aug. 27- Two groups of Koh Larn speedboat operators fight each other to compete for customers on the boat. In the middle of Bali Hai Pier and Pattaya Beach, a gang of thieves wielding knives were shot in the park. injured

CCTV image Revealed the moment a group of people cheered for customers on a speedboat to visit Koh Larn, 2 groups fighting each other for customers At Laem Bali Hai Pier, South Pattaya, Na Kluea Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, where many injured people were injured in this incident. even the scene There will be a special affairs officer in Pattaya to dissuade. But both sides continue to attack each other, ignoring the restraining order of the authorities. Until coordinating with the police to help stop the incident before dispersing

Asked the injured people of both parties to keep silent about which tour company they came from. As for the customers that the two parties go into the fight did not use the speed boat service with both parties

Ask those who were at the event said that they were quarreling with customers. Using the speedboat service between these two groups occurs frequently. The behavior of both parties will persuade, talk to customers and offer a price for using a speedboat service, with Group 1 offering a price of 250 baht, but the customer is not interested. Another group went in to bid. But offered a price of 150 baht. When the other side saw the behavior, he was not satisfied and shouted. until the story escalates

On Pattaya Beach, about 100 meters from Pattaya City Police Station, two groups of teenagers scrambled together. Then there was a sound of a gun shot causing tourists to flee in chaos. Police and rescuers will come to stop the incident. Found a 15-year-old male teenager who had been cut on both shoulders, right arm, right hand injured. Next to each other, found a pen gun falling 1 barrel, knuckle on the injured person's hand. Officers then kept it as evidence, 200 meters away, found another male teenager, aged 17, who was shot twice in the left leg and injured. In addition, many pieces of weapons, knives and knuckles were found. The officer therefore collected them as evidence.

The police already know the perpetrator. is in the process of following up for prosecution The cause of the controversy Caused by two groups of teenagers who had problems with each other. dissatisfied face Before meeting at Pattaya beach Lift up those attacking each other until the injured.–Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency