SET Social Impact GYM 2023

Bangkok 19 Aug-SET Together with the Association of Listed Companies on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai), joining forces with 3 new alliances to promote the potential of social enterprise (SE) in the SET Social Impact GYM 2023 project for the 7th consecutive year.

Ms. Noppakao Sucharitakul Assistant Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand said that the Stock Exchange of Thailand Aiming to promote sustainability in order to drive Thailand towards balanced business and social growth. Therefore, the SET Social Impact GYM project has been implemented since 2016 with the cooperation between the Stock Exchange of Thailand. and the Association of Listed Companies on the Market for Alternative Investment (maiA) to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience. Building business strength for social entrepreneurs and open opportunities for cooperation between each other To jointly solve social and environmental problems in a sustainable way, over the past 7 years, more than 80 social entrepreneurs have been trained.

This year, 22 senior executive volunteer coaches from companies listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand participated in giving advice and sharing experiences and business ideas in a one-on-one coaching style with 9 business entrepreneurs to society covering four areas of social impact creation, namely two environments, three vulnerable people, three community developments, and one agriculture. Entrepreneurs to be ready to do more business, including Health Promotion Support Fund (SorSorSor) that supports capital Exchange of work networks and co-develop knowledge Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) ) Support information, knowledge, planning, preparation, access to funding sources Participants are empowered to effectively manage capital gains, and PwC Thailand supports accounting, legal and tax consulting that are essential components of any size business.

Kobsak Pootrakool Chairman of the Board Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations and Chairman The Community Organization Development Institute said that becoming a social entrepreneur or SE must start with a willingness to help. But just that heart is not enough. Therefore, the potential must be developed. especially about doing business Including financial care, people management, production, marketing, packaging. including the use of modern technology to help in order to have sustainability The social entrepreneurs can play a role in helping to change the country for the better. especially solving social and environmental problems Many countries recognize the importance and issue policies to promote Including having a fund to support strength. As for Thailand, it is considered one of the countries that do SE well and has a model community. There is a social enterprise law. There is an office to promote social enterprises. There is a small fund to help. There are nearly 250 registered social enterprises and more than 100 listed companies. But compared to developed countries, it's still not enough. Therefore, an ecosystem must be created to promote completeness and strength of SE in terms of money, people and networks.

Social entrepreneurs participating in the SET Social Impact GYM 2023 project have a learning path throughout August-October. By starting from laying the foundation for learning entrepreneurial skills and running a business. both online via LIVE Platform and SET SE 101: Online Offering, a workshop on Business Leaning before meeting with a volunteer coach in the SET Social Impact GYM 2023 project.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency