“Seththa” stops by Khon Kaen night market Exploring stomach problems

"Srettha" flies expressly to Khon Kaen. Get a flood report in Kalasin. Visit the night market in the middle of the city Survey of stomach problems, reiterates that the economy is definitely improving I want to be confident that I will definitely get 10,000 baht in my digital wallet while people flock to welcome me and take photos in the market.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Went to Khon Kaen Province 1 day before schedule by traveling to Rung Ruen Rom Market In the middle of Khon Kaen city To meet the people and inquire about economic conditions They traveled by Toyota Alphard, registration no. 5558, Udon Thani, with Mr. Suriya. Therefore, Rungruangkit Minister of Transport and Mr. Somsak Phongpanich, Minister of Culture which owns the area Because the former governor of Khon Kaen Province

Immediately upon arrival There were people waiting to welcome him and take pictures with Mr. Settha. continuously. After that, Mr. Settha walked to greet the people who came to eat. There were some vendors who brought food for Mr. Settha to taste, most of which were famous dishes of this market, but Mr. Settha tried to say that “Please eat a little. Because I'm afraid of being fat."

Mr. Settha asked the seller as well. Are the sales good these days? Mother answered, "Continuously," before asking Mr. Settha whether the economy would get better or not. Because now everything is expensive, Mr. Settha promised that It must definitely get better. Ready to say that please be patient and wait for the digital money wallet of 10,000 baht. It won't be long. Please believe. But next time I will reduce the electricity bill first. Then there will be a suspension of debt for farmers and a digital wallet of 10,000 baht will follow, as well as tourists will follow. and increase the price of crops

After completing his visit to the area, Mr. Settha gave an interview, saying that he went to the area today (Sept. 7), and after looking at the economy, it was good. Everyone was smiling and cheerful. Waiting for government work Waiting for 10,000 baht in digital money, someone came to complain about drugs. This is already an urgent agenda of the government.

When asked whether the visit to Khon Kaen was ahead of schedule to meet fellow citizens, Mr. Settha said that looking at the schedule for tomorrow (8 Sept.), it was too tight. and must meet with the governors of both Khon Kaen and Kalasin provinces where flooding is currently occurring. But as reported The water will decrease within 3 days and after a while Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives I called to report that the situation was fine and not worth worrying about. Therefore, if the water recedes within 3 days, agricultural crops It shouldn't be damaged. Ready to emphasize that flood and drought problems are big issues. Tomorrow there will likely be a discussion. He understands that Ubonrat Dam and Chulabhorn Dam have only half the water this year. Compared to last year This is very worrisome. This year, drought is considered more of a concern than flooding.

When asked whether he would also go to see the flooded areas in Kalasin Province, Mr. Settha said that he probably would not go this time. .

Source: Thai News Agency